‘Jessica Jones’ Actress Krysten Ritter Wants This Marvel Character In Her Corner

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter wouldn’t reveal any major spoilers for the upcoming season of the show, but the young actress did tell Comicbook another character she would love to see on-screen with her.

The website’s video host Brandon Davis asked Krysten Ritter a hypothetical question to end the web cast, giving fans of the Jessica Jones series a chance to debate the same topic as well. “Is there are an Avenger who you would love to see a Jessica Jones team-up movie,” Davis inquired.

Krysten Ritter could have pondered such a twist before judging by the quick response time to the question. With a laugh, the Jessica Jones star said “it would be really awesome to team up with Iron Man.”

The Comicbook blog agreed with Krysten Ritter that the hypothetical pairing of characters Jessica Jones and Iron Man made sense based on all of the Avengers’ characteristics.

“Captain America wouldn’t approve of pretty much any of Jessica’s actions. The Hulk would blow her cover. Thor would be too hasty to conform with her plans. Meanwhile, Iron Man has a similar drinking habit and loves to be sarcastic. It’s a match made in heaven and Ritter agrees.”

Jessica Jones was Marvel’s first attempt at a darker take on a comic book, providing a realistic touch along the way, The Inquisitr previously reported. Many critics were skeptical the series led by Krysten Ritter would succeed, but all indications point to a hit Netflix series as its second season has already been confirmed. While new to the comic book universe, Krysten Ritter is extremely happy to be a part of it.

“It’s so rad. I’m so fortunate to get to play this amazing character and have this giant, built-in fan base that comes with Marvel. I’ve never done anything in this genre before, so it’s been completely life-changing. I’ve never been to Comic Con before so this is a whole new ballgame for me.

According to the interview, the Jessica Jones star was equally amazed at the cast joining her for the series. Krysten Ritter played alongside veteran actors Rachael Taylor, Carrie Ann-Moss, Mike Colter, and David Tennent in the series.

While Krysten Ritter was ecstatic over her fellow cast mates, David Tennent especially caught her eye. Tennent – who was better known for his role on Doctor Who – brought to life a hauntingly evil character. For Krysten Ritter, David Tennent was a slam-dunk decision to add to the Jessica Jones storyline.

“He’s amazing. Obviously, yes, I was so excited when he got the part. He’s an amazing actor. I couldn’t wait to see what he did with this villainous character in a way we’ve never seen him before.”

While Jessica Jones may not be joining the Avengers on any cinematic missions anytime soon, the character will be a part of the Netflix series known as The Defenders. Along with Daredevil, The Iron Fist, and Luke Cage – a character that will also be getting his own show this year – the threesome will team up with Jessica Jones in 2017 for a series after the all four characters have been explored in their own individual series.

Another rumor surrounding Krysten Ritter is the actress will revive her Jessica Jones role in the planned movie Avengers: Infinity War. The brother combination behind some of the recent Marvel films reportedly told the Wizard World New Orleans attendees that as many as 60 different characters could appear in the upcoming film, leaving hope that Jessica Jones might be one of them.

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[Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images]