‘Jessica Jones’ Realistic, Dark Tone A Mistake For Marvel? [Spoilers]

Jessica Jones, the latest original content series for Netflix, aired its pilot episode at New York’s Comic Con last weekend and the theme was decidedly mature. Jessica Jones is based on the “Alias” comic created by Brian Michael and exists in the same superhero world as Daredevil, another original Netflix show.

Jessica Jones had been shrouded in mystery, with all its trailers consisting of little more than glimpses of the titular character and her super powers. But according to the Los Angeles Times, after the entire pilot episode of Jessica Jones was screened at Comic Con, reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Although Jessica Jones exists within the superhero genre, it offers a raw sense of reality that is often lacking.

Those in attendance at the Comic Con viewing were a mixture of viewers expecting a family show and viewers expecting to see an accurate representation of the source material. It turns out that Jessica Jones is not a family show. Included in the pilot episode of Jessica Jones was a sex scene, and it was more real than what is usually shown especially on TV.

At the forefront of the show is the character of Jessica Jones herself, rather than her super powers. Jessica Jones is shown to be battling PTSD after a traumatic experience and delves into the world of alcoholism. Jessica Jones is gruff and brash and strong. The show stars Krysten Ritter, who previously appeared on Veronica Mars and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. Eventually, the characters of Daredevil and Jessica Jones will be joined by Luke Cage and the Purple Man for a future miniseries.

Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter
Krysten Ritter and a fan admire a picture during the New York Comic Con last weekend.

Comicbook reported on a round table discussion at the New York Comic Con involving Krysten Ritter, who said her character shows her human flaws.

“She lives in a dark place! She has a very hot temper, she has post-traumatic stress; it’s a very dark headspace to live in.”

The pilot highlights this difference particularly well. As Slate describes, Jessica Jones and character Luke Cage meet at a bar where Jessica Jones engages in some very direct flirting. The two end up together in bed and instead of a nice, vanilla sex scene, the scene evolves into a rough but consensual scene. Jessica Jones shows that she is a sexual being who know how to get what she wants.

Jessica Jones Luke Cage
Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter, who play Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, respectively, in the upcoming Netflix series ‘Jessica Jones.’

While the pilot of Jessica Jones offers viewers a heterosexual sex scene, it also introduces the character’s homosexual side. In need of money, Jessica Jones meets up with an old friend, and it is implied that the two have shared more than just friendship in the past. Jessica Jones is not the only lesbian character on the show. Her new boss, Jeri Hogarth, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is shown in an intimate position with a young woman. This open display of homosexual behaviour is a welcome departure from previous Marvel Universe characters, none of whom have been openly gay women.

In addition to scenes of consensual intimacy and sex, Jessica Jones also deals with a rape plot line, in which two characters in the show discover they were raped by the same man, at different points of time. It is then shown how the two characters have dealt with the traumatic event.

It seems that audience viewers appreciate the grittiness of Jessica Jones and have so far applauded the mature nature of the show. Those lucky enough to watch the surprise episode at Comic Con took to Twitter to express their excitement.

While there are 12 more episodes in addition to the pilot, expect more of the same, show creator Melissa Rosenberg said recently.

“You’re going through the pilot and it’s sort of easy… Edgy, a little humor, you almost think it’s over. Then this incredibly dark hit – I think the pilot really says something about all the different aspects you’re going to have in this show.”

Will you watch Jessica Jones when it comes to Netflix on November 20, 2015? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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