February 23, 2016
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kiki, Nathan And Lulu's Lives Hang In The Balance, Dixon's Takeover Of The Church Rocks Port Charles

Mayhem erupted in Port Charles during Tuesday's episode of General Hospital and spoilers detail that there is more chaos on the way. Morgan's interference with Dixon's gun delivery led to both Nathan and Kiki getting shot, Lulu being tossed into the water off the Haunted Star, and a church full of people being held hostage. Where are things headed from here?

Dante rushed to the pier when he heard there were gunshots fired and he has been searching the Haunted Star for Lulu. She tried calling out for help, but he didn't hear her. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will continue to struggle, being on the verge of drowning, as Wednesday's episode plays out.

Luckily, General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central confirm that Lulu will make it out of the water. It seems that Dante will soon manage to find her, but it sounds as if she will be in rough shape and he will be desperate to see her recover. Later in the week, Nikolas will be begging Lulu to fight for her life. Will this life-threatening encounter finally bring Lulu and Dante fully back together?

There is chaos both at the church and the pier in the aftermath of Morgan's explosive confrontation. Kiki was accidentally shot in the midst of all of this, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Anna will be trying to settle things down as tensions escalate. In addition, Carly will be feeling some compassion for Ava, obviously a rarity considering the conflicts these two have had with one another. From the sounds of things, Carly may end up being the one to tell Ava's about Kiki's shooting.

Back at the church, Dixon is holding everybody hostage. General Hospital spoiler previews show him holding a gun to the heads of Kristina and Molly. Obviously, this will enrage Sonny. Corinthos tried to convince this new mob boss in town to let everybody but him go, promising a plane and a great deal of cash. However, it doesn't sound as if Dixon will go for it. As this plays out Ava will also offer to become Dixon's sole hostage.

Ther has been buzz swirling that Sonny would end up standing up in the midst of this situation, a move that will come as a huge shock to everybody there given how he's been hiding the progress he has made in his recovery. Many suspect that someone, whether it be Franco or someone else, may divert Dixon's attention at some point and give Sonny the opportunity to rise and tackle him before anybody else can get hurt.

Nathan was shot during Tuesday's show, and there will surely be some fallout over the fact that Maxie had convinced him to leave his gun at the police station. Though General Hospital spoilers detail that Nathan will not be gravely ill, his condition will seemingly be quite serious as Maxie begs for help as he lays bleeding.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this chaos will bring two people together, and many would guess that this relates to Lulu and Dante. Morgan will be under arrest and flipping out at the police station, worried about Kiki, and it is said that this situation will have him hitting rock bottom. He has been resisting doing what he needs to do to deal with his bipolar disorder, but it looks like this may force him back on-track.

Many GH fans are speculating that in the days ahead, Kiki's medical crisis will bring about a big revelation. Viewers have been buzzing about the idea that it may turn out that Nina, not Ava, is Kiki's true biological mother. The fact that Nina has been talking about wanting a child lately could definitely be interpreted as one sign and this crisis could certainly set the stage for a big reveal of this nature.

Will everybody survive this botched gun delivery in Port Charles? How much carnage will be left throughout town in the wake of the chaos? Fans cannot wait to see what happens next as the drama plays out on General Hospital.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]