“Rogue” Geek Squad Employee Burns CD Of Woman’s Racy iPhone Photos

A Northern Virginia woman apparently got both more and less than she bargained for when she hired a Best Buy Geek Squad employee to transfer data from her old iPhone to her new one and he wound up in possession of some racy photos.

In the course of the service, the Geek Squad guy offered to buy Sophia Ellison’s old iPhone that had a cracked screen along with a promise to wipe the data from that phone. He paid her $60 from his own pocket for the phone.

The next day Ellison discovered that her new iPhone 4s was missing about 900 photos that the Geek Squad employee was supposed to transfer to the device, including photos of her family as well as “some pretty racy photos” of herself.

According to WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C., Ellison said she “felt violated.”

It gets worse. She called the Best Buy store to speak with the manager to complain, but instead later got a call back from the employee in question. He said that he had burned a CD of all her photos, and she could come over to his house and pick them up. She hung up on him.

In a statement, Best Buy apologized to the customer for “what appears to be a rogue action against our code of conduct.” Best Buy also indicated that the Geek Squad employee was terminated for making a personal deal with a customer while on company time.

Ellison has hired an attorney and may bring this matter to the attention of the police.

Here is Ellison telling her story in her attorney’s office:

As part of a business restructuring, Best Buy recently let go about 650 Geek Squad workers.

Best Buy in general and the Geek Squad in particular seem to have a pretty sketchy reputation as it is. Have you had any experiences–good or bad–with the Geek Squad?