Texas Politicians Get In Near Brawl At Gospel Radio Station [Video]

Two Dallas, Texas, political candidates almost came to blows yesterday during a debate at a gospel radio station, with the confrontation captured on cell phone video.

Long-time incumbent John Wiley Price and challenger Dwaine Caraway are rivals for the position of Dallas County Commissioner in the upcoming March 1 Democrat primary, and both allegedly had to be restrained in the studio from physically going after each other when a fight broke out during a commercial break.

Another candidate recorded part of the incident on his cell phone.

In the NSFW (for language) clip embedded below, a woman can be heard describing the scuffle as “ridiculous.”

Parenthetically, if none of the candidates break 50 percent in the voting, a runoff will take place on May 24.

“The argument started after Caraway attacked Price, who’s under federal indictment on corruption charges. Price accused Caraway of lying, Philips said. But it quickly devolved into profane shouting, with Caraway hurling accusations at Price about a sexual relationship Price had with ‘my wife,’ Caraway said,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway have been political foes for about 25 years, the same newspaper separately indicated.

Price has served as the Dallas County Commissioner representing the third district since 1985.

Caraway, a former member of the Dallas City Council, went on another Dallas radio station this morning to explain what happened from his point of view and to offer an apology.

“Caraway says that John Wiley Price is a ‘bully.’ He repeatedly called Caraway a b***h in the radio studio yesterday when the mics weren’t on. Then he choked a 5-foot-2 Caraway campaign staffer, lifting him off the floor by his neck. That’s what Caraway said finally set him off. He said the entire thing was a trap, which is why the video doesn’t show Price’s provocations. But Caraway said there is a second video that has been turned over to police, and it better shows Price’s actions,” D Magazine explained.

The Caraway campaign worker who was allegedly choked may or may not press charges.

On a different radio station, Price apologized to the Dallas community for what occurred at gospel station KHVN (Heaven 97).

“Let me just say I am embarrassed for our community. I apologize to our community. Other people want to see this stuff stirred but unfortunately there just seemed to have been a meltdown yesterday and we’re all worse for it. I want to apologize,” he said.

Dallas cops responded to the scene at the radio station and have launched an investigation into the near brawl, but no arrests have been made as yet, assuming any will be deemed appropriate at all.


It remains to be seen if Caraway or Price is right about what happened and/or who might be telling the gospel truth about what occurred.

“Phillips told The News that Caraway threatened to kill Price. But Caraway denied that allegation, saying that Price threatened to kill him,” the Dallas Morning News added in reference to the third candidate, Micah Phillips, who was present at the station and who recorded the altercation on his phone.

“It was just embarrassing that Dwaine Caraway lost his cool with an elected official and did a terroristic threat and said, ‘I will kill you,'” Phillips claimed.

Dallas PD issued a statement about yesterday’s Price-Caraway confrontation at the gospel radio station studios.

“We are aware that there may be multiple video recordings of the altercation that took place and detectives are working to secure them. A portion of the disturbance was captured on video and has been released to the media. Detectives from the Assaults Unit of the Crimes Against Persons Division are working to interview the involved parties and witnesses to the incident.”

In a separate incident, an anti-violence rally in Newark, New Jersey, itself turned violent when two groups of political activists scuffled with each other in front of city hall last month.

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