‘Bachelor’ JoJo Fletcher Defends Brothers Matt And Ben After Their Hard Questioning Of Ben Higgins

JoJo Fletcher has defended her brothers, Matt and Ben, after they received a lot of criticism from The Bachelor viewers for how they behaved towards Ben Higgins when he met the family. On Monday night’s episode, Ben H. went to the hometowns of JoJo, Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, and Lauren Bushnell.

On Monday night, JoJo’s brother, Ben, voiced support for JoJo by posting a photo of himself with Matt and JoJo. Brother Ben captioned the photo, “sibling love.” After many people left comments on the photo that criticized Matt and Ben, calling them arrogant and rude and their behavior towards Ben H. unfair, JoJo left a comment that defended her brothers.


JoJo wrote that she’s proud to have brothers who truly love and care about her. She thanked her brothers for always being the amazing brothers that they are.

“joelle_fletcher: I am proud to have brothers who truly love and care about me. Thank you for always being the amazing brothers that you both are!@benpatton @le_maverickup.”

Ben Higgin’s hometown date with JoJo Fletcher didn’t exactly go smoothly. Trouble started even before their date began. In her apartment, JoJo received flowers and a letter. Thinking that it was from Ben, she excitedly began reading it, only to realize that it was actually from her ex-boyfriend, Chad. In the letter, Chad told JoJo that he loves her and wants her back. JoJo revealed how much her ex hurt her and resolved that she won’t go back to him.

“No. No. I don’t want to read this. I’m not reading that. That’s not what I want to read. That’s so f**ked up. I didn’t want to go back there. I was so excited about today.”

JoJo called Chad and told him that there’s no going back. She reminded him that he was the one who walked out on the relationship several times, despite her begging him to stay and that he didn’t appreciate her when they were together. She hung up on him just as Ben knocked on the door. JoJo told Ben, who initially thought that she was crying tears of joy over seeing him, what happened with her ex. She then assured Ben that she’s fully concentrated on him.

“I’m just the happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t want you to think for a second that my feelings are elsewhere ’cause they’re not.”

Things got much harder at JoJo’s family home. JoJo’s brothers, Ben and Matt, were skeptical of Ben H. They immediately asked him some tough questions, and didn’t have the most welcoming body language. Brother Ben explained to the camera that they’re really protective of JoJo and don’t want her to get hurt again like she did in her last relationship.

They pulled Ben H. aside to reiterate how important JoJo are to them and to seek reassurance that their sister won’t end up getting hurt. After Ben H. gave some noncommittal answers, saying that he doesn’t know what will happen and that, while he and JoJo are in a good place now, they’ll have some tough conversations in the future, the brothers made clear that they weren’t happy with the answers. Brother Ben told Ben H. to be real.

As Ben talked to JoJo’s father, Matt reminded JoJo that she has only had two one-on-one dates with Ben H. and that she should keep her heart guarded. Brother Ben told JoJo to realize that she’s just as good as Ben H. and to not sell herself short. Matt gave his opinion that JoJo’s more into Ben H. than he is into her, outright saying that “he’s not as emotionally invested in it as you are.”

Things got even worse. Matt, not understanding how JoJo could be so emotional over Ben H. after such a short time, accused Ben H. of saying scripted lines. Matt also gave his opinion that Ben H. wasn’t being real and didn’t have the same feelings for JoJo as she had for him.

“Ben, you brainwash these girls way too much… To see my sister like that after two dates… I don’t know if you were coached on your answer, or what it is. As a brother… I’m like, ‘Dude, my sister is way more into this guy than he is into her.’ “

Ben H. denied being fake. While the brothers continued voicing their skepticism, JoJo’s parents stuck up for him, saying that the process is hard for him as well.

The brother’s questioning shook Ben H. up a bit. He wondered to the camera how people could really think that he’s evil.

“Am I that evil? Where I have planned this all out where I just wanna get their sister to the point where she was falling for me and then break her heart on purpose, just because I like watching people get hurt?”

Watching her hometown date air on TV, JoJo concentrated on the funny moment of her mom drinking wine straight from the bottle. JoJo posted a tweet that poked fun at her mom for being so stressed.

JoJo later posted a photo that mimicked her mom drinking from the bottle. JoJo admitted that watching the episode made for a “tough night.”

Luckily for JoJo Fletcher, her tough hometown date didn’t immediately turn off Ben Higgins. He gave her another rose, along with Caila Quinn and Lauren Bushnell. Amanda Stanton was sent home.

As the Inquisitr reported, after the latest The Bachelor episode aired, Amanda posted a message, thanking her fans for their love and support.

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