Why Does Caitlyn Jenner Strongly Oppose The Transgender Bathroom Bill?

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Olympic gold medalist and patriarch of the famous Kardashian family, has lived as a transgender woman for less than one year. Caitlyn Jenner debuted her new look and name in July of 2015 and has become a powerful voice for LGBT rights, specifically those of transgender individuals. Caitlyn Jenner will even be penning a book about her journey, reports the Inquisitr.

Most recently, Caitlyn Jenner has taken on the state of South Dakota and bill H.B. 1008, known as the transgender bathroom bill, which attempts to address the issue of which bathroom transgender students should use. The bill proposes separate bathrooms and locker rooms specifically for transgender pupils. While this may seem to be the best choice for all concerned, Caitlyn Jenner does not agree.

This has become a hot topic in high schools where transgender students are enrolled, and it affects every student within the school. Common sense dictates that girls should use the girls’ bathroom, and boys’ should use the boys bathroom. This is especially important in high school, where teen bodies are developing into those of adults, and hormones run wild.

Many of us spent a portion of time in locker rooms and bathrooms in high school feeling awkward, uncomfortable, and downright embarrassed. Imagine, if you will, throwing someone of the opposite sex into the mix. Even if a male student identifies as a female, physically he is still a male and has no business in a locker room with girls in various states of undress. Would you want a boy in your daughter’s locker room? Maybe Caitlyn Jenner, who has several daughters, has not considered her own girls sharing such personal quarters with the opposite sex.

Caitlyn Jenner
Since coming out last year, Caitlyn Jenner has emerged as a strong voice for LGBT rights. [Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]

Caitlyn Jenner shared this article from the American Civil Liberties Union on Twitter to encourage people to join her in pressuring South Dakota governor Dennis Daugaard to veto bill H.B. 1008, which has already passed the South Dakota state senate.

Caitlyn Jenner and those who are like-minded are going so far as to call the bill “anti-trans” and “ostracizes and bullies” these students.

“H.B. 1008 would make transgender students use separate restrooms and locker rooms from everyone else – further singling out children who are already at high risk of harassment and isolation. South Dakota lawmakers are sending a message that it’s okay to segregate, humiliate, and bully transgender students. They’re saying that transgender students should be kept away from other students, as if they’re dangerous.”

According to the Argus Leader, H.B. 1008 would not allow students to use bathrooms or locker rooms of the sex opposite of which they were born. To make accommodations for those who do not feel comfortable mixing with those of their own physical sex, separate bathrooms and locker rooms would be provided for the use of transgender students.

Those who are in favor of the bill argue that it provides the best privacy accommodations for all the students, which encompasses transgender kids as well. Caitlyn Jenner vehemently disagrees.

Once Governor Daugaard receives the bill, he will have five days in which to decide to sign the bill into law or veto the bill. The South Dakota governor is surely under great pressure from both sides of the debate as they await his decision.

Caitlyn Jenner has thrown her considerable support behind the cause to veto H.B. 1008. As a former athlete, it seems Caitlyn Jenner would understand better than anyone the potential issues caused by the sharing of coed locker rooms, especially at the high school level.

Do you agree with Caitlyn Jenner? Should H.B. 1008 be signed into law, or vetoed as an anti-trans bill? Share your opinions with us!

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