Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star's Break-Up Has Begun

Louis Tomlinson has been linked with Danielle Campbell since early December. One Direction star Louis has been pictured popping out to grocery stores and to various L.A. eateries over the past few weeks as some sections of the media try to convince us that Tomlinson has a new love. Over the past few days, much has been made of Tomlinson and Campbell holding hands as they emerged from eating lunch at Bristol Farms grocery store. Many of Tomlinson's fans totally fail to buy into Louis' relationship with Campbell, and it is starting to look like they may well have a good reason.

While the Daily Mail reports that Louis and Danielle put on "a tactile display" as they enjoyed lunch together, many of Tomlinson's fans were shaking their heads and putting on a knowing smile.

Since One Direction formed back in 2010, fans have become used to seeing a member of the band linked with a beautiful woman in early December. Admittedly, Tomlinson's bandmate Harry Styles is more often the subject of the new girlfriend rumors, but this year, Louis and Niall Horan have come to the fore.

The fact is that many of Louis' fans believe that the boys being linked with a beautiful woman at this time of year is nothing more than a PR stunt. The One Direction romance stories follow an achingly familiar and blatantly obvious timeline. This time, Tomlinson's link-up with Campbell was announced in early December. As in previous years, Louis and Danielle were spotted on "dates" at ice cream parlors and milkshake outlets. Over the Christmas holiday, Louis and Danielle were spotted in various nightclubs. We saw snaps of a kiss in early January, and reports of a break-up arrived around the end of February.

It is beginning to look like Tomlinson's romance is following the same path. Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen Louis and Danielle together, normally looking utterly miserable, on numerous occasions. Various unnamed sources told the media that Tomlinson is totally smitten, we saw Louis in a variety of "domestic" situations, and now alleged the break-up has arrived.

On this cycle, as reported in Inquisitr, we have even seen claims that Tomlinson and Campbell got engaged. It seems that we may already have seen the first signs that Louis and Danielle's relationship may be in trouble.

Unreality TV reports that Danielle has been spotted kissing a man who is definitely not Louis Tomlinson. Of course, this comes with the inevitable question as to whether Danielle is cheating on Louis with a man identified as Tyler Posy. As a result, it seems that the hashtag #OhNoDanielle was trending, as many of Louis' fans noted that Danielle was wearing the same dress as she had been seen in earlier the same day while having lunch with Louis.

It has now been claimed that the "kiss" pictures were from last summer when Campbell and Posy were rumored to be dating. Danielle just happened to be wearing the same dress. For many of Tomlinson's fans when the kiss took place will be immaterial. The real significance is the fact that this is the first time a story, real or not, has emerged that hints that all may not be well between Tomlinson and Campbell. Louis fans will be expecting to see this become a trend in the coming weeks.

If, as many suspect, Louis and Danielle's romance is a PR stunt, Tomlinson would be far from the first celebrity to be involved in fake romance stunts. Crushable reports that Louis bandmate Harry Styles' romance with Taylor Swift "would have been more convincing if she hadn't already written their break-up song before they met."

Many will remember that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage lasted a whole 72-days and was widely publicized a stunt. The simple fact is that PR relationships, whether it's done to sell movies, provide a screen for homosexuality, or just boost an actor's profile, is a tale as old as time. It is also a tale that fans of Louis Tomlinson and One Direction are heartily sick of.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]