February 23, 2016
'Bachelor' Amanda Stanton Posts Sweet Photo With Lauren Bushnell; Thanks Fans For Kind Words

While Amanda Stanton didn't get Ben Higgins in the end, it seems that she at least made some good friends from being on The Bachelor, one of them being Lauren Bushnell. On Sunday, Amanda posted a photo of herself and Lauren hugging one another.

Amanda made it clear what great friends she is with Lauren by comparing themselves to Rachel and Monica from Friends. Amanda considers herself Rachel, and Lauren to be Monica.

As the latest episode aired, Amanda declared her love for her family and thanked her fans for their kind words.
She called her children "real life ANGELS."
In response to a fan who tweeted that she has proven that her kids will have a great life with or without a dad, Amanda tweeted a heart emoji.
The latest episode of The Bachelor showed Ben going on the hometown dates. Ben first went to Amanda's hometown of Laguna Beach, Calif. Prior to meeting her two young daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, Amanda told him about their personalities. She said that her older daughter, Kinsley, has a bit of an attitude while Charlie is more shy. Amanda added that the girls would love it if Ben chased them.

On the beach, Amanda had a tearful reunion with her two young daughters, who wore matching dresses and both had their hair in pigtails. "Where's Ben?" Kinsley quickly asked. As Amanda predicted, Kinsley was more eager to play with Ben than Charlie was. Ben gamely chased after Kinsley on the beach.

Not everything went smoothly. On the car ride to meet Amanda's family, Charlie had a screaming meltdown. In his interview, Ben admitted that the toddler tantrum wasn't very fun.
"The kids are a little worn out. The car ride was a little rough."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amanda's ex-husband and father to Kinsley and Charlie did an interview a few weeks ago in which he warned that Ben will have to be ready for an instant family if he chooses to be with Amanda. Her ex also warned Ben that she has high anxiety.

At Amanda's family home, where Ben met her parents and sister, Ben helped Amanda put Charlie down for a nap. While he was away, Amanda's mom commented that Ben's "pretty young to take on all that responsibility."

When Ben talked to Amanda's mom, he confessed that he hadn't thought about having children when the whole process started. During Ben's talk with Amanda's dad, Ben was reminded of all the immediate responsibilities he would have and the sacrifices that he would have to make as a stepfather to two young children, such as not being able to go to the gym with his friends whenever he wants.

Ben admitted that his talk with Amanda's dad make it more clear what it would mean if he enters into a serious relationship with Amanda.

"Amanda's dad really made me think about what it takes to be a parent. And honestly, that makes me a little nervous."
To the camera, Amanda said that she'd be "crushed" if Ben sent her home.

Unfortunately for Amanda Stanton, that's what Ben Higgins did. After his hometown dates with Lauren Bushnell, JoJo Fletcher and Caila Quinn, Ben sent Amanda home at the rose ceremony. Ben told Amanda that his time with his daughters made him realize that he needs to send her home immediately so that she can be with them since their relationship isn't progressing as much as his relationships with the other women.

"As I saw the girls around you, I realized and it started to hit me more than ever. If our relationship wasn't to the point that some of the other relationships here were, I couldn't keep you away."
Ben told Amanda that he wishes nothing but great things for her. They both said that they'll miss one another. While Amanda handled the rejection pretty well, she did tell Ben that he should've sent her home after their hometown date rather than waiting until the rose ceremony to do it.
"It would have been nice if you would have let me know then rather than send me back to L.A., just to send me home at a rose ceremony,"
On the car ride away from the mansion, Amanda sadly wondered if she'll ever find anyone to share her life with. Ben, in tears, told the camera that Amanda letting him meet her daughters meant a lot to him. He was so overcome with emotion that he couldn't say anything more.
"I would like her to know that I care a lot. It means a lot that she trusted me enough to let me be with her kids for a day."
Despite being rejected by Ben Higgins on The Bachelor, Amanda Stanton seems to look back on her hometown date with him fondly. On Sunday, she posted a photo of their date on the beach with her daughters. Amanda wrote that their date on the beach might be the best/cutest group date in the history of the franchise.Amanda also wrote that although she didn't find love on the show, she's lucky to already have so much love in her life. She expressed gratitude for all of the love and support that people have shown her week after week.[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]