Can The ‘Southern Charm’ Media War Between Ravenel And Dennis Get Uglier?

The next step on the hot mess express is approaching, and if this is any indication of how Season 3 of Southern Charm will be, it should be messy, especially for Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. Since the shooting of the Bravo series Southern Charm has wrapped, Dennis has given birth to Ravenel’s second child, a son, but the couple is decidedly not together, and Ravenel is back to his old prowling.

According to the Inquisitr, both Ravenel and Dennis are throwing serious grenades in anticipation of the third season of Southern Charm, and it should be even crazier than the previous two seasons. Ravenel says he gives Dennis about $3,000 a month, though “he doesn’t have to,” and suggests that she should be grateful. She is keeping the children away from him while he runs around the country with young women, which can hardly be a shock to Dennis, as she was the previous young woman.

But Ravenel keeps posting photos of himself and the new woman in his life (once again, young enough to be his daughter), an eastern European business woman from DC. But now that it is suggested that Dennis is out there, flirting with other men, Ravenel is livid, according to Reality Tea. In Twitter posts, Ravenel calls Dennis a “hoe,” suggesting that she is a garden tool, rather than a prostitute, which is what he intends. He calls he a “disgusting hoe” and says she is trying to have sex with his “buddy’s 5 foot Mexican groom.”

And Ravenel said he has upped his offer to $4,500 a month, and Dennis will not respond. He also says that the new woman in his life is “100 x hotter than KD.”

Fitsnews seems to be at the center of the most recent Ravenel meltdown with the Southern Charm couple, as Dennis has finally found a media outlet that is not being controlled by Ravenel. He isn’t happy, insisting that the writer, Will Folks, had an intimate relationship with Dennis in the past. According to sources close to Ravenel, he is disturbed that Dennis would give an exclusive to Folks.

But Fitsnews is revealing that Ravenel’s current girlfriend is Nadia Bakalova, a real estate agent from Washington, DC. It is said that they met in the self-help section of a Barnes & Noble.

But Kathryn Calhoun Dennis did sit down with Will Folks and Fitsnews to give her own personal state of the union. Dennis told Folks that she was visiting Columbia, South Carolina, to see some lawyers and hopefully wrap up the ongoing struggle with Thomas Ravenel over custody and care of their two children.

The interview is a bit of a gush-fest, with Folks telling Dennis how amazing she looks, but it also was a confirmation that though Dennis heard Ravenel’s comments, she had no response at this time.

“No, not really. I want the best for all my relationships – with all people – and for the people in those relationships, whether I am with them or not. I really do. So I want the best for him and always want to think the best of him as the father of my children.”

Dennis admits that she has not been impressed with Ravenel’s politics, but she chose not to add anything else at this time and would not comment about what she is planning with her legal counsel.

The new season of Southern Charm will be back to Bravo soon.

Do you think the new season of Southern Charm will ignite another round of fights?

[Image via Bravo TV]