Tara Reid Hospitalized In France

Tara Reid has been hospitalized for several days while in Nice, France, with conflicting accounts on what she is suffering from.

While TMZ was reporting that the actress is suffering from acute pancreatitis, Reid tweeted on Saturday that she is just suffering from a bad bout of food poisoning, as well as back pain from a jet ski.

Reid appeared to be in good spirits, despite her illness, and the American Pie actress even lightheartedly defended her outfit in the photo posted in TMZ’s report, in which she is holding her stomach, reports The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Reid commented:

“By the way to all you haters, I love my Adidas track suits. When you’re going on the small boat to the big one it protects you from getting wet!”

The New York Daily News reports that acute pancreatitis, which Tara Reid supposedly had (according to TMZ), is the rapid swelling and inflammation of the pancreas, and is characterized by nausea, diarrhea, and fever. Also, almost 70 percent of the cases in the U.S. are a result of alcoholism or alcohol abuse, according to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia.

Reid is no stranger to alcohol problems, as she checked herself into rehab in December 2008 at the Promise Treatment Center in Malibu, California. After her 60-day stint, Reid stated her days of partying it up were behind her. She stated:

“I felt like everyone was judging me and watching me. I think I drank because it gave me a kind of confidence. When I went out, everyone always wanted to have a drink with me – because I was known as this fun, party girl. I became that person.”

Tara Teid Stomach France

In speaking of her hospital stint in Nice, France, Reid assured her Twitter followers:

Do you think that Tara Reid’s ailment was really food poisoning, or could it be acute pancreatitis from perhaps too much drinking?