'The Elder Scrolls Online' Players That Own Select DLC Will Soon Receive Loyalty Rewards

With the third DLC coming out in March for The Elder Scrolls Online, players enjoying the MMORPG have a steady influx of new content to appreciate every few months. The Thieves Guild downloadable content is due out in March, and it is expected to introduce a new area, new repeatable content, and an opportunity to join the iconic guild. Soon, players that own this upcoming DLC and the previously released Orsinium DLC will be rewarded for their purchase.

Two new achievements are being added to the pieces of DLCs that will unlock two new pets for owners. Players that own Orsinium will be able to complete the "A Gift from Orsinium" achievement for the Echalette pet while players that own the Thieves Guild DLC can finish the "Spoils of Abah's Landing" achievement for a Jackal pet (seen above). These achievements simply task the player with travelling to the DLC zones where the pets will be added to the player's collections. According to the official website, these pets will be available account-wide, too. That means all characters on an account will be able to summon them.


The new loyalty rewards for owning DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online are on their way when the Thieves Guild DLC releases in March. Specifically, the DLC launches on March 7 for PCs with the console release a couple of weeks later. Xbox One players will see the DLC on March 22 and PlayStation 4 players can access on March 23. The Echalette and Jackal pets are included in the full, tentative patch notes available on the official forums.

These new account-wide companions will be available to players that outright purchased either pieces of DLC and they will available to players that have access to the DLC due to their subscription to The Elder Scrolls Online. Players that subscribe to the game can freely play all of the game's available DLC while the subscription is active. If a player completes the achievement that rewards the pet during their subscription, they will get to keep that pet even if the subscription lapses.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Many thieves master the bow in The Elder Scrolls Online [Image via Bethesda]More loyalty rewards are planned, too, with the release of future DLC. The upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC will most likely reward the player in a similar way. The community manager for The Elder Scrolls Online also notes on the official forums that these two loyalty rewards happen to be pets, but future DLC loyalty rewards might not necessarily be pets.

The imminent Thieves Guild DLC is shaping up to be quite the addition to The Elder Scrolls Online. Of course, players that want to enlist in the Thieves Guild will need the DLC in order to join, but the DLC will also introduce several new repeatable missions. As the Inquisitr reported, the Larceny System adds three new types of mission for guild members. Heist missions, guild job quests, and reacquisitions quests all request that the player use their criminal mind to complete certain activities. Sneaking, pickpocketing, and combat fundamentals are just some of the tools players will need to use to finish these quests.

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Sneaking and stealth are important in The Elder Scrolls Online [Image via Bethesda]The new Hew's Bane zone, the Thieves Guild passive skill line, new delves, new world bosses, the Outlaw crafting style, and much more are part of the Thieves Guild DLC. One interesting feature of the upcoming DLC is the new Assistant system briefly mentioned on the Bethesda website. These NPC companions can be summoned to perform certain tasks for the summoner and sometimes the members of their group. For instance, the Smuggler Assistant that is rewarded for completing the story in the Thieves Guild DLC will fence stolen goods only for the player that summons her. Assistants occupy the same summon slot as pets in The Elder Scrolls Online meaning that only one pet or Assistant can be summoned at a time.

[Image via Bethesda]