WWE News: Big Plans For WWE Diva’s Championship Match At ‘WrestleMania 32’

The WWE Diva’s Division has been getting interesting as of late. WWE tried to push the fans behind Brie Bella last night in her match with Charlotte for the WWE Diva’s Title, but sadly, the boots of husband Daniel Bryan and very awesome tights of sister Nikki weren’t enough to help her get the win. This was always going to be the case, although some speculated that she could get a DQ win and go on to be part of the Diva’s Title picture at WrestleMania 32.

With the loss, her chances of being part of WrestleMania are fairly low. There had been reports for weeks regarding what we would see at WrestleMania with the ladies, but nothing was confirmed. Some reports claimed we would see Sasha Banks vs Charlotte, and others claimed we would see a triple threat with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch.

At the time, nothing was concrete. We still had to also wait and see where WWE would go at WWE Fastlane, too. Now, the title picture looks relatively clear. According to the Wrestling Observer, the plan is for the triple threat mentioned to occur. The idea was that Sasha and Becky would stay in the limelight with their match at Fastlane against Naomi and Tamina. They would then begin to separate at WWE RAW, potentially by tonight.

Becky Sasha [Image via WWE]There was never a friendship with them, but there is a good shot that Sasha does a backstabber to Becky at some point just to drive that point home soon. That is clearly the best way, trust me. However, the issue comes in how they plan to book this triple threat. Charlotte has beaten Becky already, but it was due to help from her father, Ric Flair, last time. An unwanted kiss to Lynch was enough of a distraction to give Charlotte a win at the Royal Rumble.

However, The Boss returned that same night and made her presence known by attacking Charlotte. All of this being said, everyone has a case for the match. Becky may have won if not for Ric Flair, and Sasha is the people’s champ already. She has also not gotten a proper Diva’s Title opportunity yet, while others have. That being said, she has a case for sure.

The problem with the triple threat will simply be how they go about making it. Fans want it to happen, that much is certain. The issue is that despite Sasha and Becky both being perfect for the match, they need to find a good way to make it happen. There was a rumor that WWE would do something like a No. 1 contender match that would not end the way it was intended.

Sasha and Charlotte NXT [Image via Pinterest]It has also been speculated that since the triple threat would be no-DQ, WWE might ban Ric Flair from ringside for the match. Of course, a rule would be put in that if he interfered, she would lose the title anyway. So, there is always a way around things. The plan is also for Charlotte to drop the Diva’s Championship at WrestleMania 32. It was thought for months that Sasha Banks would be winning the title. However, reports have since surfaced claiming that Becky is not out of the running to win. Of course, many assume that she will be the fall girl.

If she is, that would allow for Charlotte to talk about not being the one who lost and a rematch would then occur and a storyline would go on. Of course, you know the story as it has been played with a different cast at every WWE school production.

[Image via WWE]