Soon To Be Mother, Pregnant Teenager Burned Alive By Her Boyfriend Who Did Not Want To Father The Child

A man burned his pregnant girlfriend alive in the desolation of woods because he did not want to be the father of their child.

Eren Toben, who was allegedly the father of his 19-year-old girlfriend Maria Peiner’s unborn child, lured her into the woods on the outskirts of Berlin. Tobben was assisted by his 20 year old friend Daniel Mueller.

The soon to be mother, who was expecting her delivery in less than one month, was tricked by Toben who made false pretense of going shopping for baby clothes.

During a court hearing, it was disclosed that Tobben hit his girlfriend with a piece of wood before stabbing her with a bread knife. He then poured gasoline over her and set fire to her body.

Judge Regina Alex sentenced both men to a 14-year jail sentence.

Speaking of the horrific murder, the emotional judge had the following to said.

“She was still conscious, it could have been 10, 20, 30 seconds — she was still moving.”

The body was discovered by a walker in the woods the next day and the murderer duo were quickly behind bars blaming each other.

Toben’s fingerprints were found in the kitchen knife that was lying helplessly in the proximity of Peiner’s charred body.

Both of the alleged perpetrators remained silent during the court hearings. In reference to the accomplice of the alleged murderer, Daniel Mueller, the judge had the following to say.

“He acted for the sole purpose of taking pleasure in the destruction of another human being’s life.”

The judge was critical of the murder. She believes Toben took an easy way out.

“For him [Toben] the crime was a solution, he wanted a free, happy life which he had control over. He abused Maria’s love for him to lure her into an ambush.”

Recently, ABC News reported that murder is one of the top causes of death of pregnant women.

A study conducted in New York and Chicago showed that homicide is responsible for about 20 percent of total deaths of pregnant women.

The Washington Post recorded 1,400 deaths of pregnant woman by homicide during a 14-year period that ended on 2004.

On being asked why men take the route of murder than divorce, Criminal Profiler Pat Brown says the men who commit such crimes are psychopaths.

“‘She’s in the way. I made a mistake and I think I will erase my mistake.’ So, he kills her and he thinks that will solve the problem.”

Stacy Phillips, a criminal defense attorney who specializes in dealing with domestic violence stated that the stress of the added responsibilities that come with the child can evoke uncontrollable emotions in the parents.

“When there’s a relationship and a tension between two people, when money’s at stake, bad things happen,” Phillips said.

There have been frequent high profile cases of pregnant homicides. For example, Lori Hacking was a soon-to-be first time mother, but her aspirations of motherhood were put into halt when she told the good news to her husband Mark Hacking who thought the news was anything but good. Mark Hacking killed her and after high court drama, he eventually admitted murdering her and dumping her body in the Salt Lake City dumps.

Brown says these kind of men do not do well with their marital lives.

“They are only complaining about themselves,” she said.

Being pregnant is hard on women. They have to endure the medical complications of child bearing, possibly fatal traffic accidents and the undeserved wrath of their psychopath partners. These are the reasons that rank in ascending order for pregnancy related deaths in women.

Police immediately suspect the partners in these kinds of murders. which are more than anything else, a sudden inexplicable outburst of violence from their male counterparts.

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