Dog Attack: Three Great Danes Attack Four Children While Mom Checked On Them For Her Boss

A vicious dog attack on four children resulted in a different kind of shock. In this case, it was three Great Dane dogs that mauled a woman’s children while she was checking on the animals for her boss. The incident happened in El Paso County, Colorado, this weekend.

According to Yahoo, Great Danes are a large breed, typically known for their docile nature, but four of them “broke the mold” when they pounced on four children who were visiting the home of their mother’s boss as she checked on them. Canines of this breed can weigh as much as 200 pounds.

As a more detailed report in the Denver Post reveals, the woman took all five of her children to the home where the dogs lived on Saturday. Four of her kids were mauled, but three were so severely injured that they required immediate medical attention. Prior to the dog attack, the mother heard the terrified screams of her children.

“It looks like three are going to have to undergo surgery,” spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby said.

The children were bitten on the head, torso, and possibly their extremities. One of the children was released from the hospital while the others remain in stable condition.

The Denver Channel reports that the Great Danes are under the control of the Humane Society and are under quarantine until the investigation of the attack is over, Kirby said.

The identities of the mother and owners of the animals haven’t been released.

It’s unknown what caused the unexpected dog attack.

Fox 31 in Denver had more on the incident in terms of where emergency personnel responded to the dog attack. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said a woman went to check on animals and property for her employer in Rush, which is about 40 miles east of Colorado Springs along Highway 94.

The woman’s five children — all under the age of 18 — were with her in the car. A sheriff’s office spokesperson said when the woman went into the barn, she heard screams from her children. At that point, she reportedly found that three Great Danes had attacked four of the kids.

Apparently, the spokesperson doesn’t know how the mom managed to get the large dogs away from her children. She got the kids back in the car and drove west on Highway 94 toward Colorado Springs. She then called 911 and was met by emergency personnel on Highway 94. From there, the injured children were transported to Memorial Hospital.

In July, 2014, Cesar Millan — the “Dog Whisperer” — was in the middle of training a Great Dane when it attacked a neighbor. Cesar was walking a group of dogs near his home in Studio City, California, when the Great Dane bit a man on the hand and forearm. The man was letting the large dog smell the palm of his hand when it lunged toward the man. None of the dogs that Cesar was walking were leashed, TMZ reported at the time. A rep for Millan said that the dog trainer was working with a “troubled dog,” and that the Great Dane was “spooked” by the neighbor he attacked.

Usually when a dog attack is reported on in the news, it’s about certain breeds. Pit bulls are commonly seen as a breed that mauls its victims, but it’s not a breed-specific occurrence. It’s not often one hears of Great Danes attacking anyone, but it demonstrates the reality that no breed is exempt from attacking people.

[Photo by AP Photo/Martin Meissner]