Recap Of Episode 10: Shocking Reveals Of The Walking Dead-SPOILERS AHEAD

WARNING: Do not continue to read this if you are not interested in spoilers for Episode 10 of The Walking Dead.

Episode 10 of The Walking Dead had some very shocking reveals. While the episode started out slightly slow, it definitely set up some awesome episodes to come. While Darryl and Rick hit the road to search for food and supplies, they came across someone who’s going to have a big impact on future Walking Dead episodes, Jesus. With some interesting scenes in between, the end of the episode reveals the most shocking twist of The Walking Dead yet!

In the beginning, the show revealed Carl, now with a white eye patch, and Enid walking around the woods and when they came across a walker, Carl couldn’t kill it. But why? Who was this walker, and why would Carl choose not to end it’s misery? In the same neck of the woods were Mishonne and Spencer. Spencer suddenly turned teary-eyed, and the walker was revealed to be his mother, Deanna. Later on that day, Carl told Mishonne the reason he didn’t kill her was because he thought it should have been someone who loved her.

So let’s go back to Darryl and Rick. As they were driving around, they came across this building with a truck inside full of food. SCORE! As they took the big, white box truck down the road, they came across a guy who revealed himself as Jesus. While Rick thought maybe he was a good candidate to invite back home, Darryl didn’t feel so comfortable. To no surprise to Darryl, Jesus tricked them and stole the truck with all the goods.

Did they find Jesus? Let’s just say Jesus wasn’t interested in talking, and he ended up with his hands and feet tied up while Darryl and Rick took back their property. A short while later, and just a short distance down the road, Darryl told Rick, “He’s on the roof!”

After a rundown, Darryl caught up to Jesus as he hopped into the truck. During the fiasco, Jesus told Darryl, “Duck.” Jesus took out a walker, received a thank you from Darryl, and the two continued bashing each other. When the gear on the truck was bumped, Darryl pulled Jesus with him as he jumped out of the truck, and Jesus got bashed in the head by the door, knocking him unconscious.

Rick and Darryl tied Jesus up and locked him in a room as he was still unconscious. The next part is absolutely the most shocking part of all! While Rick and Mishonne relax on the couch, Rick grabs Mishonne’s hand. A gentle touch of Michonne’s hand turned into a kiss, a kiss turns into, well, you probably get where this is going!

 (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for AMC)
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for AMC)

While Rick and Michonne lay naked, slightly covered in bed, they were surprised by a voice.

“Rick. Rick wake up. We should talk.”

Now that Jesus is finally revealed, he is very similar to the character in the comics. Not only does he have ninja-like escape abilities, his well known hand-to-hand combat skills were both on display from the beginning. But who is Jesus with? Where did he come from?

And what’s going on with Michonne and Rick? Will they be an item from this point forward or was that just a quick need for affection?

While we wait for episode 11 of The Walking Dead, we look forward to knowing more about where Jesus came from. After watching the preview for the next episode, it looks like the alliance between the Hill Top Colony and Alexandria is in the making.

Take a look at this link to view the preview for episode 11 of The Walking Dead.

(Photo By Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)