‘RHOBH’ Yolanda Foster Receives Backlash –Used ‘Mob Wives’ Big Ang’s Death To Call Attention To Own Illness–Twitter Erupts

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster received backlash on social media after she used Mob Wives star, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s death to call attention to her own illness. Twitter erupted and called Yolanda out for her incorrect comparison. Foster stood her ground and told her followers she believed that Lyme disease is much like cancer in that it is an invisible illness.

Yolanda’s fans immediately called her out on her incorrect comparison and told her that cancer is not an invisible disease. In fact, as Yolanda learned, cancer is something a doctor can see in a test, therefore making it a visible illness. Angela suffered privately, not allowing her fans to know the severity of her illness, which made her death so shocking. Big Ang’s fans were not ready to say goodbye to her and felt like she was taken from this world way too soon. In fact, it was pointed out that Yolanda posts daily selfie’s to call attention to herself and her “illness.”

Twitter followers made several references to Yolanda’s disease as Munchausen syndrome, which is a hot topic for Foster. A series of followers explained that Big Ang handled her disease with class and dignity and didn’t use her illness as a prop to stay in the press. If you glance through Yolanda’s social media accounts, she posts daily images of herself getting all kinds of different medical tests and procedures — all in an attempt to rid her ailing body of Lyme disease.

All About The Tea reported that Yolanda posted a series of tweets implying that she, like Big Ang, suffers from an invisible illness, and Foster hoped that her demise will bring awareness to those who suffer in silence. Immediately, fans blasted her for the wrong assumption and corrected her in a particularly harsh way.


Apparently, the part of her well-meaning tweet that caused such an uproar was how she compared her disease with Big Ang’s cancer. Yolanda has a difficult time paying her respects to anyone without inserting herself into the situation. Evidently, many Bravo fans believe that Foster wasn’t genuine in paying her respects to Angela Raiola; instead, she used Big Ang to get her name in the press once again.

It’s pretty clear that Yolanda’s existence revolves around being noticed–and lately her tagline is ultimately the housewife with Lyme disease. Countless tweets and Instagram posts about her misery and illness find their way on social media daily. Foster makes no apology for talking so much about her disease either — her mantra is, “if you’re tired of hearing about it, how do you think I feel living it.”

Reality TV star Lisa Rinna became one of her enemies when she brought up the possibility that her illness may not be a physical ailment — it could be a mental condition caused by her need to be the center of attention. When the other cast members brought up the possibility of Lisa being correct in her theory, Yolanda flipped out and became guarded with Rinna.

Regardless how sick she may or may not be right now, social media users all feel that Yolanda was entirely wrong to use Angela Raiola’s death to further her agenda. Many felt her tribute to Big Ang was not genuine and only used to hop on a trending story to get her name out there. If so, the plan backfired on her. One thing is sure, RHOBH fans are sick of hearing about her invisible disease and wished she would have paid Big Ang a genuine tribute.


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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret]