Germany: Anti-Migrant Mobs Watch Refugee Shelter Burn

Anti-migrant mobs have been growing in the eastern section of Germany in response to the large amount of migrants coming into Europe and Germany. Officials in Germany have stated that recent incidents against migrants are “disgusting.” The latest incident was the raucous cheering being done while a refugee center was burning last night. No injuries were reported.

In the town of Bautzen, in Saxony, a group of approximately 20 to 30 Germans stood outside of a hotel that had been repurposed to house refugees coming into Germany and they watched it being engulfed in fire. The group of Germans were said to have been drunk. The drunk onlookers attempted to hinder the fire department from doing their job and extinguish the fire. German police believe that arson was involved due to an accelerant being found at the scene. According to a police spokesperson, the group showed “unabashed delight” and they were overheard to make “disparaging comments” while officials were trying to save the building.

The anti-migrant mob at the scene of the fire took place two days after a mob of 100 people attempted to block the path of a bus that was bringing in 20 migrants to be housed in the Saxony town of Clausnitz. The 100 people that were blocking the bus were heard shouting “We are the people.” A slogan that was used in Germany in 1989 as attempts were made to remove the Berlin Wall, and unify Germany.

According to the Chief of Police, Uwe Reissmann, the migrants on the bus were antagonizing the group by mocking them and making gestures that the 100 people were responding to. Reissmann stated that criminal charges may be brought upon the people blocking the bus and the migrants.

Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration have claimed to be outraged at the action of Germany’s citizens. Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Roth, had strong words on Twitter toward the people who are part of the anti-migrant movement that is sweeping across Germany.

“Racists are pathetic lawbreakers, a disgrace for our country. Shame on you!”

Roth was not the only member of Merkel’s administration to take to Twitter and comment about these latest migrant events. Here is what Justice Minister Heiko Maas tweeted.

“Those who shamelessly applaud when houses burn and scare refugees to death are displaying disgusting and revolting behaviour.”

Maas also spoke to the media group RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland.

“Verbal radicalism is a prelude to physical violence.”

During the interview, Maas stated that there were over 1,000 incidents last year that were classified as criminal actions against the shelters that were housing the one million refugees that Germany had allowed into the country.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere was not silent about what is happening in Germany. He stated that it was “totally unacceptable that people who are seeking protection from oppression are met with hatred and incitement. There is a basic level of decency and respect for the law that may not be violated and in these incidents in Saxony, that level was clearly violated.”

Angela Merkel has had to deal with reports of crimes against German citizens that have been perpetrated by some of the refugees that now call Germany home. There is becoming a great divide between those that want to show compassion to the refugees and those who do not want to lose their country to people who are coming in from another country.

What do you think the solution in Germany is in regard to the anti-migrant mobs that are becoming more common in the country.

[Image Via Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]