Buzzfeed Gets Australians To Try Out Popular American Shots — Did The Aussies Enjoy Shots Known For Being Over The Top? [Video]

If there is one company or organization that knows how to make their own trends, it is easily Buzzfeed. Known for their videos of top tens, reactions, and just trying new stuff, Buzzfeed has grown in popularity over the years. Pertaining to trying new stuff, Buzzfeed has been on a kick as of late of having certain parties try alcohol. One such video is actually getting plenty of attention in which Australians try popular American shots. So, did the Aussies kick back miniature glasses of booze from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, or did they go down under?

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The social experiment, which is really a trend bait video, was performed at BuzzFeed Australia through BuzzFeed Video on YouTube. The had six individuals, most likely workers from BuzzFeed, to act as guinea pigs for the American shots. According to what one of them says, they expected the shots to be big or over-the-top because they believe America takes everything and turns it way up. Anyways, the the six of them tried out five shots, fireballs, blow jobs, picklebacks, Alabama Slammers, and lemon drops.

So what did the Australians think about the five shots they tasted? The following video sums up their experiences in hilarious fashion. Please note the video does have profanity and to an extent, suggestive dialogue.

The first shot they tried is known as a fireball, which is usually cinnamon schnapps or whiskey with five to six drops of Tabasco sauce. For some reason however, the ingredients were not mentioned for this shot. From the testers’ reactions, they may have omitted the Tabasco sauce because fireballs are spicy. As for the blow jobs (in which the full name is the chocolate blow job), they were generally not fans of the shots containing Kahlúa, Bailey’s, and whipped cream, not because the shot was bad tasting, but rather because it was messy. One tester even wondered how anyone would even order such a shot at a pub thinking such would only be ordered at strip clubs.

So far, the worst shot was the pickleback. To them, it tasted like drinking a cheeseburger. One such eloquent description of the pickleback was Ronald McDonald [expletive deleted] in his mouth. It does make sense, though, because a pickleback is actually just a shot of Jameson and a shot of pickle juice.

The Alabama Slammer (Southern Comfort, Amaretto, sloe gin) and Lemon Drop (vodka, triple sec, lemon juice) were the only two shots, done in true form, that most of the testers actually tolerated or enjoyed. So in short, 40 percent of American shots were enjoyed by Aussies, 40 percent were so-so, and 20 percent were just straight-up loathed.

Despite what anyone thinks about Aussies’ reactions to shots, it is very popular on YouTube at this moment. Since its initial upload on Friday, February 19, 2016, the video has over 961,000 views. More than 208,000 of those viewers liked the viewer, yet there were a little under 700 viewers who didn’t like it for whatever reason. Maybe they were upset the ingredients for fireballs weren’t listed. Still, the interaction within three days was enough to warrant the video a place on the #PopularOnYouTube list, sitting comfortably at the number five spot.

On if we are to be frank, it is possible the blow job shot was included simply because it was used with comedic intentions in the popular comic book movie, Deadpool.

[Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]