Are Kate Middleton And Prince William Really Work-Shy Materialists?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have come under heavy fire as of late for what their critics brand as an abject lack of work ethic and flagrant disregard for royal duties. At heart are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge work-shy materialists with a craven love for power without responsibility and wealth without hard graft?

Many would snarl “most definitely,” and if truth be told you can call Kate Middleton and Prince William a lot of things but “hard-working” isn’t really one of them.

Take a recent article in The Mirror by Carole Malone for example. Obviously not a fan of the future King of England, whom she brands as a “work-shy petulant prince,” Malone goes on to slam the man who made Kate Middleton famous, as a “big soft lad who’s still hiding behind the cloak of poor persecuted, hounded Wills which protected him for so long after his mum died.”

It’s strong stuff, but to be fair, Prince William did place himself directly in the firing line last week when he raised his head above the parapet and made a speech about how important it was for Britain to stay in the E.U.

Royals should know better than to meddle in politics and speak for the common man, but perhaps taking a leaf out of his dad’s book, Wills may have felt the need to descend from his ivory tower and lecture the British population on how they should vote, before they return to their daily grind and carry on the time honored and noble pursuit of keeping the rich man wealthy.

Needless to say, such royal sentiments went down like a lead balloon. Especially with Malone who snarled like a rottweiler who’s been brutally beaten by a regal regime, that Prince William is a selfish sort who has no right telling anyone anything.

“The Prince shows little or no interest in anything other than what HE wants to do, so he has no right to tell us whether we should be In or Out of Europe.

“How can he know how being Out will adversely affect the lives of people in the real world when he’s rarely ever in it?”

Malone also branded Prince William “embarrassing” for his habit of shirking royal engagements.

“He does so few royal engagements these days it’s embarrassing. He did just 87 in the UK last year while our 89-year-old Queen did 306 and 94-year-old Prince Philip did 217.

“His colleagues at the East Anglian ­air ambulance service are reported to be getting annoyed that he’s ‘hardly ever on shift.'”

Malone then puts the boot into poor old Kate and suggests the privileged pair should wake up and smell their “responsibility.”

“It’s also time he acknowledged that many of the privileges he and Kate enjoy are precisely because he’s our future monarch.

“It’s ironic that just a few years ago we all saw Kate and Wills as the down-to-earth ordinary couple who were going to revolutionize the profligate monarchy.

“How wrong we were. Kate is now taking £3,000 helicopter rides for 100-mile trips and Wills seems totally uninterested in doing anything useful.”

Kate Middleton And Prince William

Malone admits that Kate and Prince William have had two kids in the past three years, but then points to the fact that millions of other people without the help, free-time, wealth, and privilege enjoyed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have done exactly the same thing to little or no fanfare.

On something of a roll, she also writes that Kate Middleton and hard work have never been natural bedfellows.

“We’d do well to remember that in all the years Kate was going out with Wills she didn’t do much in the way of work, and so it is now. For them both.

“From where I’m sitting, it looks like this pampered pair are sticking two fingers up at a nation that expected so much of them – yet has seen them deliver precious little.”

Prince William And Kate Middleton

The Daily Mail also wasted no time in joining the “royal bash,” and under a headline bearing the legend, “William the Unwilling,” the Prince is attacked for his no show at the Baftas.

Kate Middleton also comes under fire as one “royal source” has nothing but derogatory things for the Daily Mail to write about the power couple.

“One friend of the Royal Family referred to William as radiating a sense of ‘entitlement and petulance’, while also describing Kate as ‘a little grand’ and occasionally abrupt.

“The source added, ‘They have surrounded themselves with people who say “yes” to everything so they get no proper advice.'”

Well here’s some and it’s free of charge, “Knuckle down and put some elbow grease into it you pair of royal scallywags. The world’s watching don’t you know.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]