Madeleine McCann: Katie Hopkins Says Parents Share Blame

Chelsea Hoffman - Author

Oct. 28 2016, Updated 3:47 a.m. ET

The search for Madeleine McCann continues to be a hot topic of discussion and debate worldwide. This could be partly thanks to the missing child’s mother making recent statements about her disappearance. Kate McCann recently declared that she believes her daughter was never taken far from the Praia de Luz resort where their family vacationed in 2007. However, a recent post on The Daily Mail shows that some people just aren’t buying the mother’s display of grief.

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The notorious Katie Hopkins recently penned an article on The Daily Mail expressing her concern with the details surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. In fact, she’s expressing the same concern that numerous people have declared about the parents of the missing child. The biggest point of scrutiny toward Kate and Gerry McCann, is the fact that the duo left the 3-year-old girl alone with her two infant siblings while they enjoyed time with friends at a nearby eatery.

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It’s been reported that the tapas bar was not in the line of view of the rental apartment where the kids were left unsupervised, meaning they could not visibly see whether or not anyone had entered the domicile. They wined and dined with their friends that night for several hours, claiming to authorities that they had checked on the kids frequently. Nonetheless, their daughter still went missing that night while nobody was around to see what actually happened. That is why Katie Hopkins says that Kate and Gerry do not deserve all of the funds that have been donated to them over the several years that Maddie has been missing. In fact, Hopkins goes a step further and has declared that Kate and Gerry McCann should own up to “their share of the blame” in Maddie’s disappearance.

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“Maddie wasn’t lost because someone took her. She was lost because she was left to be found.”

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Katie Hopkins appears to take the stance that Madeleine McCann was abducted while her parents were enjoying a child-free night with their friends. Meanwhile, there are others who believe that Madeleine was never kidnapped that night in 2007. One of those people is Goncalo Amaral, who wrote the book The Truth of the Lie. Amaral was one of the main investigators on the case in Portugal when Maddie vanished. He believes that her parents covered up her death, which he also believes occurred in their rental apartment the night she supposedly vanished.

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People on social media are sharing a wide variety of reactions to the post penned by Katie Hopkins. While some folks agree with the article, there are numerous supporters of Kate and Gerry McCann who are reacting with anger, disgust and sarcasm.

Do you agree with Katie Hopkins’ point of view on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, or do you think she is completely in error? Regardless of the numerous opinions that have existed for the past nine years, Maddie is still missing and her disappearance remains one of the world’s biggest mysteries of the decade.

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