Declassified: New Apollo 10 Tapes Reveal Astronauts Heard Mysterious ‘Music’ When Orbiting Far Side Of The Moon

Astronauts on Apollo 10 reveal, in a series of newly released audio tapes from the mission, that they heard “music” coming from the far side of the moon. The location of the music being on the far side of the moon meant that radio signals from Earth were not to blame for the strange sounds. In the audio, the Apollo 10 crew debated back and forth as to whether they should report the “weird music” to the command center or not. The origins of the mysterious sound remain a mystery to this day with many speculating as to what could have caused the music from the far side of the moon.

The Daily Mail reports that astronauts on Apollo 10 were trained to know exactly what types of sounds they may hear in space. The crew was described as being “very used to the kind of noise they should be hearing” while traversing through space. Therefore, when the entire crew of Apollo 10 suddenly seemed taken aback by a “strange noise” in their headsets while orbiting around the far side of the moon, it stood out to those listening to Apollo 10 tapes as unusual. The newly released tapes, which were declassified in 2008 and recently uncovered by the Science Channel program NASA’s Unexplained Files, present a mystery that is still unexplained to this day. What could have caused the “weird music” that the Apollo 10 crew heard while orbiting the moon?

In the series, it is reported that the Apollo 10 crew was “on their own” when they passed across the far side of the moon due to the fact that all communications would be lost for one hour. With communications cut as the crew passed along the far side of the moon, the crew was especially jumpy when they heard “weird music” coming from their headsets. They mentioned the strange sounds multiple times and even discussed if they should mention the sounds to the command center or keep it to themselves. You can hear the Apollo 10 crew response to the strange sounds in the videos below.

“Over the course of an hour they mention it multiple times. This is not an anomaly, this is something they are really hearing.”

The crew’s strange experience was overshadowed by their successful return from the far side of the moon with crew relaying to the center that they had successfully made it around the moon. However, their conversation was not lost. The Apollo 10 spacecraft had audio recordings inside of the ship that would record all conversations while the crew was traversing across the far side of the moon. This audio data was then communicated back to NASA after the spacecraft returned into communicable space. The recordings were classified until 2008.

Transcripts of the recordings were uncovered, but it took years for the Science Channel to find the specific recordings with the Apollo crew’s conversations. Following the recovery of the audio feeds, many speculated about what the strange music or sound could have been. It was noted that there was no way the sounds were coming from Earth, as no radio signals reach the far side of the moon. However, other space probes revealed similar sounds following the Apollo 10 mission. The sounds recorded by the other probes were determined to be from magnetic fields and atmosphere of Saturn.

A magnetic field is known to produce these eerie sounds, but it is pointed out that the moon has no magnetic field or atmosphere so the case remains a mystery.

“According to experts in the show, the moon has no magnetic field and not enough atmosphere to cause such issues. The origins of the noises may, it seems, remain a mystery.”

[Image via NASA/Apollo 10/AS10-27-3873]