Bruno Mars Set To Be The ‘Biggest Artist In The World’, Says Adele

Bruno Mars will be releasing his third studio album soon, according to Billboard.

According to Charles Moniz, Bruno Mars’s engineer, the singer has been spending countless hours in a Los Angeles studio working on what will be his third studio album release.

Bruno Mars took some time off from songwriting and recording on February 7, 2015, at the Super Bowl, with a display that Billboard called “exhilarating.” With the exception of the world-class performance at the Super Bowl, Moniz reports that Bruno Mars and his extensive crew have been hard at work on the new album “since we got off the road last year.”

Moniz wouldn’t provide an exact release date for the new Bruno Mars album, but he did comment that “I think we are very close.” He was happy talk about what he calls the Bruno Mars “sound revolution,” saying that, in his opinion, this upcoming album will be the next movement of Bruno Mars.

Speaking of the studio atmosphere, Moniz commented that the right vibe and sense of fun is essential when attempting to record brilliant music. He commented that everyone has a good time while Bruno Mars is in the studio, and even joked that the crew enjoy dancing around the studio while Bruno Mars performs.

“Sometimes it’s in a line, sometimes it’s in a circle. We’re not shapists.”

Bruno Mars recently appeared at the Grammy Awards, and he and collaborator Mark Ronson turned out to be two of the biggest winners of the night. Madame Noire reports that their joint collaboration “Uptown Funk” took home two Grammys: one for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and the other for Record of the Year.

The song itself, “Uptown Funk,” was a global sensation and topped the charts in Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland, while spending 14 weeks in the No. 1 position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It wasn’t just about the music for Bruno Mars at this year’s Grammy awards, though, as he took the opportunity to show off his brilliant sense of style. As Bustle reported, Bruno Mars inexplicably chose not to walk the red carpet this year, but he still looked fantastically stylish in a maroon suit with a matching maroon fedora and v-neck, completing his look with sunglasses and a gold chain.

As Bustle noted, at the Grammy Awards the male artists are often upstaged by their female counterparts on the red carpet, but Bruno Mars never seems to have any trouble standing out with his unique sense of style.

Just prior to the commencement of the Grammy awards ceremony, Bruno Mars posted a short video on Instagram, in which he boldly announced that he was preparing to win record of the year.

“Practicing our strut for when we win RECORD OF THE YEAR!!! @philsmeeze @jeffbhasker @iammarkronson #Hooligans WOOP!”

Luckily for Bruno Mars, his prediction turned out to be correct, otherwise the strutting video may have been a little embarrassing in hindsight.

The brilliance of Bruno Mars has not been overlooked by Adele, with whom he collaborated on her “All I Ask” song on her smash hit album, 25. According to the Indian Express, Adele says that the song took only 48 hours to write, and was inspired by nineties diva performances, where the aim of the song was to show off the extensive vocal range of the singer.

Adele went on to say that she believes Bruno Mars will be the “biggest, biggest, biggest artist in the world,” and that he can do anything.

“I’ve always been a really big fan of Bruno. He can do anything, literally singing the best vocals you’ve ever heard live in your life while he is playing a drum or a bass or doing some mad percussion riff.”

Coming from arguably the biggest music star in the world at the moment, this is certainly high praise for Bruno Mars.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]