Kate Middleton: Takes Heat For ‘Huffington Post’ Editorial Comments, Gets Casual-Chic Post ‘Huffington Post’

Kate Middleton has experienced a busier week than normal after carrying on her usual duties as a mother of two and a young royal in addition to taking on a guest role as editor for the Huffington Post U.K. Kate put forth her best efforts to use the experience as Guest Editor at the Huffington Post to shine even more of a spotlight on the issue of children’s mental health. The articles the Duchess put forth were all based on her own experience, and those of others in relation to the subject matter.

Although the majority of the response to Middleton’s efforts were positive and congratulatory, there are individuals who are quick to suggest that the Duchess’ sincerity on the matter is lacking and that her focus is a bit off when it comes to what she’s stated about the issue of mental health. The Daily Mail shares the words of a doctor who is not in support of the young royals in regards to therapy and her own little Prince and Princess.

Dr. Max Pemberton writes his view about the Duchess’ revelations via her day as editor at the Huff Post. The Daily Mail shares his words.

“There’s just something that made my heart sink when I read the Duchess of Cambridge’s comment this week that she ‘would not hesitate’ to send her children to therapy if she thought they needed it. I couldn’t help but cringe, just a little, when she said she wanted ‘to encourage George and Charlotte to speak about their feelings, and to give them the tools and sensitivity to be supportive peers’. It sounded as though it was lifted straight out of some PR handbook. Slightly inauthentic, in other words — and when you’re talking about mental illness, being sincere and authentic are quite important.”

Being authentic, especially when it comes to the subject of mental illness is certainly necessary and Pemberton is clearly questioning the Duchess’ sincerity on the matter. In addition, the “mind doctor” focuses on the fact that adult mental health is a subject that needs more advocacy. Children’s mental health is important, yet Pemberton notes that it is a sad fact that adults who are struggling with mental illness get swept aside and fall through the cracks, unable to find support or the means to get help.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she chats with Solei Neil-Brown and Kiera Mullins (R) from the 'Real Truth' video at Kensington Palace on February 17, 2016 in London, England. The Duchess of Cambridge is supporting the launch of the Huffington Post UK's initiative 'Young Minds Matter' by guest editing the Huffington Post UK today from Kensington Palace. (Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
[Photo by Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images]
The doctor also goes on to note that sometimes restraint of feelings is better than endlessly talking about every emotion, and that what Kate proposes for her little ones is to discuss every thought and feeling while giving them the option of therapy. Pemberton sees such actions as unnecessary and those which will do more harm than good.

“Yes, good for Kate that she’s speaking up about mental health. She genuinely seems a warm, caring mother. But turning little George and Charlotte into therapy junkies won’t do them any favours.”

As for Kate’s state of mind following her time as an inspired advocate and editor, she seems to be in relax-mode. At least her choice of fashion indicates she’s enjoying a little Kate time and focusing on health as well as chilling out. It’s not often that onlookers get to see the Duchess of Cambridge in trainers and leggings, but it’s happened and it only helps royal watchers feel like Kate is one of us- kind of.

The Duchess stepped out in still oh-so-fashionable workout wear on Wednesday, looking like a casual-chic, yet still glam, mommy. Entertainment Tonight shares about the Duchess’ attire.

“The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in London’s Chelsea neighborhood on Wednesday wearing all-black workout gear, including a roll-neck sweater by Alice Temperley, which she topped with a matching moto-inspired leather-and-suede jacket by the same designer.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images]