The ‘Deadpool’ Movie Breaks Records And Draws In Big Celebrity Fans

The Deadpool movie broke a couple records with its debut weekend.

The $41.5 million opening day became both the record for a February release and an R-rated movie release.

In fact, for a while, the Deadpool movie was seen on Rotten Tomatoes with a nearly perfect score and it’s still scoring high with the critics at 84%. That number is significantly higher with audiences, according to the review site. With audiences, the Deadpool movie is showing a 95% fresh rating.

A lot of the critics marking the Deadpool movie as rotten, however, could easily be discredited.

Anyone that was a fan of Deadpool before he stepped out of the comic books and onto the big screen knows that he’s a little different than the other heroes, anti-heroes, and villains hosted by Marvel. The main character is full of crude humor, pop-culture references, and fourth wall breaks. In fact, Deadpool is so self-aware that he knows he’s a character in a comic book.

[ Below is something Ryan Reynolds made in reference to the petition going around asking Deadpool to host SNL. Disclaimer: A lot of strong language. ]

A lot of the critics marking the Deadpool movie as rotten are using reasons that spit in the face of who the character was always meant to be. Several reviews make remarks about the immense amount of foul language while others thought the fourth wall breaks were to try and make the main character seem edgy. It’s unlikely that any of those critics were familiar with the comic books.

The most disputed reviews giving a thumbs down to the movie accused it of not taking enough risks. Those critics accused the Deadpool movie of being cookie cutter.

One has to wonder if any of those critics were actually watching the right film.

Despite the critics, there are celebrities coming out of the woodwork to make it known just how awesome they thought the Deadpool movie really was. Many of them are of the highest authority where superhero movies are concerned, mostly because they’ve been a part of making them.

Marvel’s good-ol’-boy Chris Evans, of Captain America, tweeted to Ryan Reynolds that he definitely approved of the movie.

In a show of Marvel brotherhood, Ryan Reynolds responded by indicating he was already choosing sides in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Normally, this might have been the end of the interaction, but there are going to be two teams in Captain America: Civil War and Reynolds’ #teamcap shout-out was not going un-noted by #teamironman. Robert Downey Jr. was quick to put in his two cents.

This back and forth went on for a couple more responses, with Chris Evans remarking on the dirty language used in the Deadpool movie and Ryan Reynolds reminding Robert Downey Jr. that, like his Deadpool character, he can be as random as they come.

Evans and Downey Jr., weren’t the only alter-egos of superheroes to step in with their opinions, either.

Chris Pratt, Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nicholas Hoult, from the newer X-Men films, both felt the need to respond to bits from the Deadpool movie.

On top of that, Paul Feig, writer/director for the new Ghostbusters movie, indicated that he believed the Deadpool movie was on the same level as This is the End (2013).

Everyone is talking about the Deadpool movie and what it means for Hollywood and superhero films in general. Fans are still hitting the theaters and making art depicting their favorite anti-hero. When it comes down to it, green-lighting the sequel before the first film even got to theaters might have been the smartest idea Twentieth Century Fox has ever had.

[ Photo by Twentieth Century Fox ]

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