Buffalo Hazing Death: What Happened To Bradley D’Oyley At The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity House?

Buffalo police are investigating to determine if hazing was involved in the unexpected death of 21-year-old Bradley D’Oyley. D’Oyley was pronounced dead on Thursday night at the Buffalo General Medical Center after he was admitted with an illness that left hospital staff stumped.

Bradley was pledging for the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and students began talking that it is believed that people in the fraternity forced D’Oyley to consume a mysterious drink. Due to the timing of his ingesting something strange, and the mystery illness that led to his death, the potential of hazing having occurred grabbed the attention of authorities. Bradley’s former high school basketball coach, Michael Myers, gave a statement on the death of his former basketball star.

“If these allegations are true, I feel strongly that these kids should stand trial. They took away a life.”

Rumors of what it was believed that Bradley was forced to drink began spreading across the Buffalo campus. Dametrius Brown is a member of the college’s football team. He commented about where he was when he heard about Bradley’s death and what he had been hearing that the fraternity had made him drink.

“I was in the weight room and heard he was pledging and was made to drink some type of toxic substance. I keep hearing different stories. First it was detergent, then some said sewer water. I’d see Bradley every day.”

Buffalo police have cautioned that the school and community should hold off on speculation that hazing is what led to Bradley’s death until they are finished with their investigation. An autopsy was done but the results have not been made public at this time. Due to the investigation, officials at Buffalo State College have placed the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter on suspension. The college is also cooperating fully with the police investigation. Buffalo State President Katherine S. Conway-Turner released a statement about the potential hazing death.

“Buffalo State College is aware of and continues to support the City of Buffalo Police Department’s investigation into an allegation of hazing involving Alpha Phi Alpha and Bradley D’Oyley at an off-campus location. While the investigation is conducted, the campus chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha has been suspended by both the college and the fraternity’s national governing body.”

Bradley D’Oyley was majoring in business and was a point guard on the basketball team at the college. Fajri Ansari, coach of the Buffalo State Bengals basketball team stated that Bradley was a great teammate. Bradley left the basketball team last year for personal reasons. Even though he was no longer on the basketball team, Ansari said that D’Oyley left on good terms and Bradley contacted him from the hospital on January 29 complaining of not feeling well. Bradley believed that he was suffering from food poisoning.


Students and classmates were devastated at the news that Bradley had died. His positive attitude and outgoingness were what friends spoke of the most. Support for Bradley’s family has been pouring in and the family has been very thankful for the prayers and well wishes that they have been receiving from those that knew D’Oyley. Family members were with Bradley at the hospital during his illness and untimely death. Due to the police investigation, the family has been told that they can’t comment on the investigation into the potential hazing death.

In memory of Bradley, a moment of silence was held Friday night at Buffalo State’s basketball game. Students and friends at the college will begin to set up a spot at the college for donations to be gathered to help the family with the funeral arrangements. The family will also be setting up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral cost.

Do you think hazing was involved in this death at Buffalo State?

[Image Via Bradley O’Doyley Facebook Page]