WWE Rumors: John Cena Posts Cryptic Instagram Photo — Is CM Punk Returning To WWE?

John Cena is currently injured and recovering from shoulder surgery which has him possibly missing out on WrestleMania 32. While he rehabs though, he’s doing a lot of talking on social media and has recently posted a picture on Instagram which has started a lot of talk and big rumors. The picture posted by John Cena isn’t one that is totally random and it does have meaning to a lot of wrestling fans, but is it really teasing a WWE return of CM Punk?

Early on Saturday morning, Cena hopped onto his Instagram account and posted a picture. He’s rather active on Instagram and other forms of social media so that isn’t anything out of the ordinary. What is strange though is the choice of picture that he chose to post.

wwe rumors john cena cm punk return wwe
That may not seem like much to some. Others may realize that it is a picture of Paul Newman in the awesome movie Slapshot. Still, that may not mean much. Hardcore wrestling fans will notice that it is the exact same picture that CM Punk has used as his Twitter avatar for over a year.

Interestingly enough though, Punk has changed his Twitter avatar. It’s still a picture of Newman in Slapshot, but simply a slightly different one.

No matter if the pictures are identical or slightly different, it’s virtually the same thing and that is what makes John Cena’s posting so intriguing. Immediately, this started a lot of talk on social media, especially considering Cena had posted a picture of AJ Styles last month on his Instagram, and it was right before Styles made his debut with WWE.

This could mean nothing, or it really could mean so much.

cm punk wwe return rumors john cena
CM Punk left WWE and went into MMA by joining up with UFC and Phil Brooks (Punk’s real name) is expected to make his debut this year. As MMA Fighting reported though, Punk recently underwent back surgery which will keep him out of action for a while and could postpone his debut fight which was scheduled for UFC 199.

Punk was scheduled to face Mickey Gall at the event. That fight could very well still happen, but it’s looking like it won’t take place until UFC 200, which is in July.

With all the recent talk of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 32 opponent not being on the active roster, it has started a lot of speculation as to who that may be. Now, this picture posted by John Cena has so many thinking and chattering that it could be CM Punk.

The two battled it out at WrestleMania 29 in which The Undertaker picked up the win. The Deadman hasn’t been on WWE television in months, and many are wondering when he will return. It’s expected that he will be back as of Monday Night Raw this upcoming week.

cm punk the undertaker wrestlemania
It’s hard to believe that CM Punk is going back to WWE as he is under contract with UFC, and it’s known that Dana White isn’t likely going to lend out talent. That is especially true considering that Punk just had surgery and will be sidelined for quite a while.

Still, John Cena’s post on his Instagram account is a weird one and so insanely timed that it isn’t even funny. Then again, Cena could be having fun with the fans and currently laughing at all the commotion he’s causing. All he has to do is refer to his Instagram description if anyone questions him.

“Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.”

CM Punk has not responded to the suspected talk of him returning to WWE that has all come about due to John Cena’s Instagram post. Well, he hasn’t actually posted anything on Twitter in about a week and a half, and he’s still under contract with UFC. It’s a lot of talk and some big rumors, but Cena teasing CM Punk’s WWE comeback is odd.

[Image via WWE]