NYPD Officers Shot In Brooklyn — A Sheriff Claims He Was Motivated By Beyonce?

Two NYPD officers were shot in Brooklyn early Saturday. The suspect initiated the attack by crashing into the officers car head-on as other NYPD officers were chasing him.

New York Daily News identified the suspect as Jamal Funes, 34. Funes opened fire on officers whom he had just rammed into head on. Funes provoked NYPD officers into pursuit by brazenly pointing his gun at them, officials said.

The shoot-out appeared to be a scheme cooked up by Funes from the beginning. It all started with a shot fired call which NYPD officers responded too. There’s still no report on who actually made the phone call, but when officers approached Funes on the scene is when he pointed the gun at them and fled in a vehicle.

There were a total of eight cops and three vehicles involved in fighting Funes.

One NYPD officer was shot in the chest. Reportedly he is in stable condition thanks to his bullet-proof vest, which did not allow the the bullet to penetrate.

The other NYPD officer was hit in the lower back below his bullet-proof vest in the confrontation, which occurred shortly after 3:00 a.m.

Funes’ gun was taken for evidence after the incident,

Both NYPD officers, who were shot are plainclothes anti-crime officers — an organization of NYPD officers that the NY Times claims are in even more danger than regular police officers.

The two plainclothes officers were transported to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.

Brooklyn Mayor Bill de Blasio told attendees at a press conference held at the hospital regarding the two officers, “Amazing to see the devotion of these officers and the relief their families felt.”

His announcement was delivered on Saturday morning after visiting both of the police officers and their families.

De Blasio then added, “They were alert,” referencing the two NYPD officers state-of-being after being shot, “They were talkative in fact.”

One of the shot cops, whose name — along with his colleague has not been released yet — was a nine-year veteran. The officer is a father of two with another one on the way as his wife is pregnant.

Mayor de Blasio noted that the shot officer had just made a gun arrest Friday ironically,

“He was telling me how proud he was,” mayor de Blasio said. “Just the day before he got another gun off the street.”

The suspect, Funes, was shot multiple times by NYPD officers and was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital in critical condition.

Officers believe that Funes is from New Jersey.

One Tennessee sheriff, Robert Arnold blames Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance for a drive-by shooting outside of his home.

NY Daily News reports that Sheriff Arnold blames the deaths of seven police officers, and growing hostility towards the police in general, on the pop icon.

The Sheriff — among many other police officers in the United States now — have been Beyoncé’s worst critic since performing her new song, “Formation” at Super Bowl 50. According to SNL, this event is also known as “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.”

Officer Arnold, who’s under FBI investigation for allegedly selling e-cigarettes to prisoners, said that her performance and song which made a statement on racial bias and inequality, is what inspired gunmen all around the country to kill police officers.

Some significant components of Beyoncé’s “Formation” video are shots of a sinking New Orleans police officer car. While her Super Bowl performance of the song was criticized for having Black Panthers-inspired costumes.

Some sources say that Bey's costume choice was in fact inspired by Michael Jackson. What do you think? [Black Panther photo/Getty Images David Fenton][Beyonce, AP Photo/Matt Slocum] [Michael Jackson, Getty Images/Steve Granitz]
The Sheriff stated the following.

“With everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl, with law enforcement as a whole, I think we’ve lost five to seven officers, five deputy sheriffs since the Super Bowl, that’s what I’m thinking, You have Beyoncé’s video and that’s kind of bled over into other things about law enforcement.”

Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, which features shots of a sinking New Orleans police car, and her Super Bowl performance were criticized for having Black Panthers-inspired costumes.

This Beyonce vs. Police officer dichotomy seems to be a growing trend lately as The Inquisitr reports Miami Police Officers will boycott Bey by not offering any security services when her formation tour kicks off in April at the Marlin’s baseball park.

Do you think that Police Officers have the right to do as such?

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