‘Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo Overcome with Grief–Karen Gravano And Carla Facciolo Talk About Big Ang–Angela Raiola Left Behind A Legacy

It has been a rough week for the cast of VH1 Mob Wives, as they lost a faithful friend and co-star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola to brain and lung cancer earlier in the week. Drita D’Avanzo wasn’t just Big Ang’s co-star, they were friends, and losing her has proven to be tough to overcome this week. Not only did Drita lose Big Ang, but her brother-in-law whom she loved dearly also passed away hours before Ang.

Radar Online reported the incredible loss of Drita’s brother in law and said that Drita was struggling to come to terms with either death. Apparently, Drita was crushed by her brother-in-law’s passing, and when she learned of Ang’s death, she flipped out. According to the report, Drita is overcome with grief and not talking to anyone. D’Avanzo’s family and friends are concerned about her well-being and aren’t sure how she will overcome this. Her family thinks that she needs to relax to get the strength to overcome her grief.

Big Ang passed away on in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Hours before her passing, Drita posted that she would not be live tweeting with the fans as she watched the new episode of Mob Wives as she was praying for Big Ang as her health declined. Drita noted that nothing mattered to her but Big Ang at the moment, and she is sorry if this disappointed any of her fans.

In the final hours, Big Ang was not worried about her life or even her loved ones. According to a new report, Big Ang was devastated to learn that children suffer from same cancer that claimed her life on a daily basis. Big Ang’s heart couldn’t take that they suffered from the pain and emotional scars that cancer leaves and wished that there was something she could do to elevate their suffering–even if that mean taking on all the pain from them.

Big Ang’s sister, Janine Detore revealed that the Mob Wives star would call her sometimes at three or four in the morning rambling about the kids of St. Jude suffering. Apparently, when she’d see the St. Jude commercials, Big Ang would break down in anxiety about the pain these adorable children were in and believed her death would benefit them. Apparently, she may have left them a sizable donation to continue treating and researching cancer in children.


Since the news of Big Ang’s death, Mob Wives fans have poured their support for her family and shared their favorite Angela Raiola moments. VH1 posted their favorite tweets and posts over the past few days, and reading through them will take you back to some of her best (and admittingly worst) moments. It is easy to see why she has been one of VH1’s favorite Mob Wives star for years, and why she leaves behind quite a legacy.

Big Ang had a heart of gold and wanted to help everyone she could in the small time she received in this world. Her only regret was her time was limited, and she wasn’t able to help more people. In her final days, she appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and wanted her fans to know that her battle with cancer could have been prevented had she listened to the warnings and stopped smoking years ago. Raiola confirmed to Dr. Oz that her cigarette habit is what led to her disease. The TV host claimed that Big Ang wanted to urge all her fans to put down the cigarettes and quit, so they don’t have the same future as she.

Karen Gravano explained that she left the hospital knowing that Angela’s death was imminent; however, Big Ang wanted her family, friends, and fans to celebrate her life and remember her for the good things she did. The Mob Wives cast was surprised at the fans reaction to her death, and it brought them great happiness that Big Ang not only will be remembered by her family and friends, but by the whole world. RIP Big Ang, you will forever be missed.


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