Big Ang’s Final Plea: Dr. Oz Says She Was ‘Clear’ That ‘Cigarettes Killed Her’

Big Ang’s final television appearance was taped just weeks before she lost her battle to cancer. In an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola admitted that she was scared to live with cancer.

The most upsetting reveal from the raw appearance, according to Dr. Oz, is how clear Big Ang was about the fact that cigarettes had killed her. The Mob Wives star had smoked for 40 years prior to her cancer diagnosis. When the doctors found that Raiola had cancer in her throat, she quit smoking immediately.

The reality star was diagnosed last March with throat cancer. After doctors removed a lemon-sized tumor from her throat, in March and again in June, she was cleared. Unfortunately, the cancer came back in December and had metastasized. Last month her prognosis worsened as they discovered her cancer was stage 4 and was now in her lung and brain.

Speaking with People magazine, Dr. Oz explained Big Ang’s final appearance on television as “authentic.”

“She was scared. Which is always a sign that … people know more about their bodies than any test will tell you. What the patient tells you is more accurate than what you can guess. She had been beaten down over the last year.”

He also shared her drive behind appearing on The Dr. Oz Show, and that was to specifically warn people about the dangers of smoking.

“The third cancer had metastasized to the brain and the adrenal gland. That’s a much worse scenario. They put her on aggressive chemo, which failed. In the setting of that, she came on [the show] to get people to appreciate that this dumb cigarette addiction she picked up as a young woman, she wanted people to see the anguish in her face, as she was clear about the fact that cigarettes killed her.”

Dr. Oz went on to explain that everyone has cancer, but our immune system helps us catch the cancer before the cells grow. For those with a weakened immune system, which can be caused by smoking, it makes it difficult to stop cancer from spreading.

Oz detailed the effects that happen after one quits smoking.

“Within hours of stopping cigarettes, your blood pressure drops, your lung function improves, and you see dramatic reductions in other risks. It takes years for other risks to go away, but you see benefits really quickly.”

While on the show, Raiola cried that she was scared to leave behind her children and six grandchildren.

As the Inquisitr reported, Big Ang died at the age of 55 following her short battle with cancer. Family members took photos of the reality star on her death bed, to pay tribute to the star. Her niece, Jeannie, deleted the photos after sites passed them around, but her sentiment remains.

“You are our beautiful angel that is bigger than life… You weren’t just an aunt to me, you were my big sister, my best friend, and a role model.”

Hours before she passed, Entertainment Tonight had reported that she had died but as it turns out, she hadn’t passed and reps had to release a statement saying that she was still fighting for her life despite the premature report.

Unfortunately, her reps had to release a second statement hours later notifying everyone of her passing.

Her sister, Janine, echoed a similar statement on her personal Instagram page.

“At 3:01 my beautiful sister got her wings she’s with our mom & dad. We would like to thank everyone for your prayers and support.”

[Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images]