MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Bloodlines’ Crowns A Winner, Reveals Season 28 Will Bring Back ‘Rivals’ But With A Twist

Following a roller coaster of a finale, MTV’s The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines finally crowned a champion. The road to victory was not an easy one for the final three teams, each of which were in a position to win it all before the last remaining challenges. However, in the end, Cara Maria and Jamie managed to pull ahead and secured their first ever title as champions of The Challenge.

According to MTV, the finale started off with Jenna and Brianna in the lead. However, the first challenge involved eating German inspired recipes, including blood soup, pig lard, and tongue. Unfortunately, Jenna and Brianna struggled getting their food down, while Jamie proved more than adept in keeping his gag reflexes in check. Cory and Mitch, meanwhile, snuck in with a second place finish.

After spending the night at an abandoned train depot, the contestants participated in a canoe race on the Spree River. This is where Cara Maria and Jamie managed to pull ahead of the other two teams as they finished first in the 10-mile journey. However, Cory and Mitch managed to come in second, making the final leg of the competition a little tighter.

Cara Maria and her cousin Jamie. [Image via MTV]
For an exciting finish, the three teams faced a puzzle of numbers followed by a two mile run. Although Cory and Mitch had finished in the middle of the pack in the preceding challenges, they finished in first by a large margin.

Unfortunately, the winner of this year’s competition was determined by combining the times in all five of the final challenges. Jamie and Cara Maria had built a big enough lead in the first four challenges to secure their first place victory.

“I’m in complete disbelief,” Cara shared after her team’s win. “Having this moment in this arena, and being surrounded by all these people in such an epic place. You can do literally whatever you want to do if you put in the work.”

After finishing close in second, what’s next for Cory and Mitch? According to International Business Times, Mitch is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, and is contemplating getting his MBA if nothing comes “If entertainment falls in my lap, I’m down with doing more entertainment but at the end of the day, I’m just going to put my degree to work,” he stated.

As far as Cory is concerned, the future is wide open for him. Not only does he enjoy work as a fitness coach, but Cory also doubles as a model and an actor. In fact, fans can watch him in the upcoming comedy, University: The Third, set to air in June.

Jenna and her cousin Brianna. [Image via MTV]
Meanwhile, with Season 27 now complete, fans are already looking forward to the next season of The Challenge. With that in mind, is MTV planning on bringing back Rivals?

As fans will recall, The Challenge: Rivals first debuted back in 2011 and teamed up some of reality television’s biggest rivals together. According to MTV, Johnny and Tyler won the competition, despite their heated feud on Real World: Key West. Two years later, Emily and Paula did the same thing and proved that rivalries could be put aside for the greater good of the competition.

However, while the first two Rivals matched up same sex partners with each other, the upcoming Rivals III will mix that arrangement up with opposite sex teams. The only question remaining is whether or not rivals of opposite sexes can put their differences aside and win the competition. Either way, fans are definitely in for a drama filled affair when The Challenge: Rivals III airs later in 2016.

Tell us! Were you happy for Cara Maria that she finally got that elusive win? Let us know in the comments and check out this preview of The Challenge: Rivals III cast below.

[Image via MTV]