Louis Tomlinson War With Harry Styles’ Best Pal Raging On?

It looks like “Louis Tomlinson Is Annoying” all over again for Harry Styles’ best pal Nick Grimshaw. The Mirror reports that Grimshaw faced abuse and even “homophobic death threats” from One Direction fans back in 2014 when he dared to allow someone on his program to utter that mean thought about the beloved One Direction star.

At the time, Grimshaw took to Twitter to defend himself.

hey 1D fans!!!!!… enough with the charming homophobic death threats yeh?

In 2013 Perez Hilton reported that Harry Styles was “torn between bros” as Louis and Nick bickered publicly.

What happened was that Louis tweeted that he could not go outside in Australia because there were too many paparazzi, adding that “paps are tw**ts.” Later, Nick Grimshaw criticized Louis on his radio show, calling Louis Tomlinson a “complainy pop star,” according to Sugarscape.

Finchy: Let’s just say a popstar is complaining when they have no right to.
Grimmy: I love a complainy popstar. It’s my favourite thing. All complainy. Ooow, I can’t go outside cos I’m famous, owww. Mask. I’m gonna wear a Fincham mask. If you’re gonna go outside, Psy mask.

Louis’ girlfriend at the time even jumped on Twitter to say she had never liked Nick Grimshaw.

Sugarscape reported that all that drama must have been hard on “poor lamb” Harry Styles, who was sandwiched between his feuding mates.

“One poor lamb rather sandwiched in the middle of this whole debacle would be Harry Styles, seeing as both Louis and Grimmy are rather close mates of his. What a conundrum, who would he side with? Who would he defend?”

Now The Sun is reporting that “X Factor flop” Nick Grimshaw has been axed from the show, along with Harry Styles’ ex Caroline Flack, who was co-presenter in the last season.

It sounds like harsh words may have been exchanged, and suspicion may be rampant. Apparently Grimshaw even believes that Simon Cowell wanted him gone a long time ago. Simon’s team is even being accused of editing the show to make Nick look boring!

“Despite offering the radio DJ a big money contract to lure him to the judging panel in an attempt to attract younger viewers, Cowell, 56, turned against him almost immediately. And he made his decision to sack him after the series opening aired back in August.”

An insider explained that “”Simon rightly wanted to attract a younger audience so he approached Grimmy and Rita Ora because he thought they would allow the show to appeal to that demographic.”

It didn’t work out — the music boss decided that Grimshaw may be good live, but he does not come off well on TV.

The Sun also reported that Grimshaw was spotted looking “glum” after his axing, and that the DJ will take solace in indulging in lots of curries.

Now, to add an extra sting, it look like Grimmy’s old foe Louis Tomlinson may become his replacement!

A lot of the press about Louis Tomlinson’s possible appearance on X Factor has been feud-related.

“It’s Louis Vs Louis,” roared the Sun, claiming that Louis Tomlinson and Louis Walsh are battling it out for the judging spot.

Louis Tomlinson is rumored to be the favorite. Louis Walsh was always a very entertaining judge and Simon is said to miss what he brought to the show. Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with the pulling power of Louis Tomlinson, who will turn the weekly X Factor episodes into a must-see for millions of 1D fan-girls, who would tune in to see his bluer-than-blue eyes and latest chest-flashing V-neck sweater, even if Louis did not utter one word!

Louis will definitely be uttering some critical words. Apparently Simon wants Louis Tomlinson on the show because he is the “most outspoken” member of One Direction and will not be afraid to tell someone if they’re terrible.

It looks like “complainy pop star” Louis Tomlinson has won this round, Grimmy. Though we are still jealous if it means Grimshaw is going to be comforted by Harry Styles as the pals chow down at Harry’s new curry house, reported by Metro.

[Photo by Charles Sykes, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]