Different James Holmes Mistaken For ‘Dark Knight Shooter’, Pleads With People On Facebook To Leave Him Alone

The moment a man by the name of James Holmes was taken into custody for the Aurora, Colorado shootings during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises we figured there would be some cases of mistaken identity given his fairly common name, now that mistaken identity has led to one man pleading with people on Facebook to leave him alone.

James Holmes of Denver, Colorado has been bombarded with friend requests and threats against his life after an uneducated group of Facebook users simply assumed he was the shooter given his name. The shooting took place in Aurora, Colorado and the shooter lived in the city of Aurora.

At approximately 7:30am Holmes began to receive massive amounts of friends requests and he quickly questioned why anyone would want to friend a killer and how they expected the arrested James Holmes to answer their friend requests. The mistaken James Holmes wrote:

“I appreciate the fact that you are trying to become better-informed about the occurrences last night in Aurora, but you have been somewhat mislead [sic], in that I am not the man who did it. I am not a 24-year-old gun-slinging killer from Aurora, I am a 22-year-old book-slinging mass eater from Littleton. Somewhat distinct, I would assume. But I would appreciate if you would read this particular post an not assume that it would be interesting to be friends with someone on Facebook who is very probably going to be in jail and not be able to confirm your friend requests anyway, or even be friends with his girlfriend, who had the rather interesting experience of having to tell someone she had a job interview with that she is not, in fact dating a serial killer. James Holmes happens to be a pretty common name, surprisingly, so try not to jump the gun.”

In his salutation the wrongfully identified man wrote:

“A different guy named James Holmes.”

How different is the 22-year-old James Holmes from his killer counterpart? Friend Tracy Theobald tells the IB Times:

“You are one of the kindest souls I have known, and are the antithesis of violence, at this level or any other.”

In the meantime perhaps Facebook users should concentrate on getting the facts before they start friend requesting and threatening violence against every single person named James Holmes.

Here is the Facebook post screen grab:

James Holmes Facebook Identity Mistaken