Jeff Dunham: His New Tour

Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist who has been making people laugh all over the world for years. He has had three comedy central specials and has a dark comedy personality. While he has done simple stand-up comedy, he is at his best when accompanied by the “buddies” he brings on stage, including Walter, Peanut, Achmed, Jose, Bubba J, and the newest member, Little Jeff. All these dolls have been Dunham’s own idea. He takes his time deciding what the characters will look like and what their personalities will be like. Walter is the stereotypical grumpy old man who just wants everyone to be quiet. Achmed is a suicide terrorist who failed at his job and is now just bones. Jose is a jalapeno on a stick and makes it known that he is Mexican. Peanut is a mythical creature Jeff made up in his own mind; he has become Dunham’s sidekick and everyone loves him. Bubba J is a classic redneck who loves to watch NASCAR and drink beer. And Little Jeff is a mini version of Jeff Dunham.

In Jeff Dunham’s shows, it is normal for the puppets to begin talking to people in the audience and even do some heckling. Whether they make fun of the way you look or the job you have, it is customary for Jeff to poke a little bit of fun at everyone. The group has had their ups and downs as they seem to have no clue what manners are, but they always manage to turn things around and see the bright side of everything. Jeff was even able to make Achmed feel better when Achmed realized he was dead and had failed as a suicide bomber. There is a love-hate relationship between Jeff and the puppets as they all seem to want to kill him or end up annoying him to the point of Jeff wanting to throw them across the room, which he accidentally did to Peanut in one of his Comedy Central specials. At the same time, when any of them seem upset or scared on stage, Jeff always helps them through it. Dunham clearly has a close relationship with his dolls. Remember all of this when picking your seats for his next tour, as the closer you are to the stage, the more likely you are to get picked out of the audience.

Jeff Dunham: On Tour
Peanut is Jeff Dunham’s right hand man.
(Photo by Todd Rosenberg/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images)

Jeff Dunham is currently on tour. The show is called “Perfectly Unbalanced” and, according to Jeff Dunham’s website, the tour will be going to every end of the country From Florida to Oregon. The man with the the dolls will be coming to everyone, but if you’re not able to catch him on stage, you can still see him on television when the new Comedy Central special airs. Dunham will be showing all the “guys in the suitcase” while on his new tour, and we are sure to have a good laugh from all of them.

Jeff Dunham: On Tour Again
Walter is a fan favorite in Jeff Dunham’s shows.
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Jeff Dunham seems to be the biggest comedian in America, considering he had the highest-grossing stand-up act in North America and the best reviews on Amazon in 2008 according to Slate. Jeff is giving the rest of the comedians a run for their money, and his Christmas special which aired on Comedy Central was the most viewed program in the channel’s history. At 49 years old and with three daughters, you might think Dunham would begin to lighten up on the indecent humor, but it continues to grow with him. You may want to leave your young children at home for his performance as it can be a bit much for the little ears in the audience. Yet he is an amazing comedian that all the adults should go and see.

(Photo by Todd Rosenberg/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images)