Louis Tomlinson: Briana Sex Tape Continues A ‘Sick And Sinister’ Tradition

Louis Tomlinson fans looked on in morbid fascination last night as, for the second time in a few months, a sex tape emerged which featured a woman who claimed to be Briana Jungwirth. For those who are not in the know, Jungwirth is reportedly the mother of One Direction star Louis’ new-born child. Tomlinson and Jungwirth hooked up for a short time last spring, and Louis entered fatherhood as a result. Jungwirth gave birth to Freddie Tomlinson on January 21 amidst a raft of controversy over whether Louis is the child’s father or not.

Shortly after it was announced that Louis was to become a father, pictures emerged that were allegedly taken from a sex tape and supposedly showed Jungwirth having sex with a man who was certainly not Tomlinson. It is unclear where the original tape came from, but it was released by the French celebrity gossip site Fan2, who almost immediately retracted their assertion that the tape featured Tomlinson’s baby mama.

Ironically, the same site was responsible for the leak of the tape that “leaked” yesterday. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are split on the subject of Jungwirth. Many feel that she is a gold-digger intent on tapping into Louis fortune while others are more supportive. Given the split in Louis fans, it was perhaps predictable that some fans were appalled by the latest sex tape while others revelled in it.

It did not take long for rumor debunking site Gossip Cop to claim that this tape, like the previous one, was a fake. The site claims to have busted numerous inaccurate reports on Tomlinson and Jungwirth and that this is just the latest.

“The woman featured in the pictures may have resembled Jungwirth, but [was] not her. This time around, the photos used to perpetuate this hoax show two men having sex with a woman who looks a bit like Jungwirth.

“Not surprisingly, a lot of Tomlinson fans reacted with disgust and anger, but they should probably be more upset that there are people out there lying about the mother of the One Direction singer’s baby.”

The Independent takes a much more robust line when it comes to Jungwirth and Tomlinson when it asks “do we really still live in an age where male pop stars are discredited by people slut-shaming their girlfriends?”

Admittedly, the Independent missed the mark when referring to Jungwirth as “Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend,” but that is a moot point. The real point is that there is something of a sinister tradition at play.

“It’s depressing to see people use Briana Jungwirth’s reportedly false sex tape as a tool with which to shame discredit both her and Louis Tomlinson. It plays into a long tradition of discrediting male figures by implying that ‘their women’ are sexually promiscuous.”

Given that the writer appears to draw the conclusion that the purpose of leaking the sex tape was to discredit Tomlinson, it is clear that they little or no understanding of the background of the entire situation. The fact that the tape was likely leaked to discredit Jungwirth and not Tomlinson is largely immaterial. The real story is that a woman’s sexuality is being used to discredit her.

“If the sex tape featuring the Jungwirth lookalike was shared without her permission, this is the real outrage, not whether or not the mother of Tomlinson’s baby is a ‘whore’. It’s time we realised that these playground politics have an incredibly sinister undertone.”

While the broadsheets were pontificating on the wrongs of Louis’ baby mama’s sex tape, the Daily Mail once again proved its mettle by reporting that Tomlinson went for a coffee. The U.K. tabloid reported that Louis and a female companion stopped to pick up a coffee at a Starbucks outlet in West Hollywood. They did, however, report that Louis looked tired.

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