Chris Brown: Does He Still Have A Soft Spot For Rihanna?

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Chris Brown is apparently concerned that Rihanna might have a meltdown like Britney Spears did in 2007, Hollywood Life has reported.

“The industry bulls*** has taken its toll on Rihanna and Chris doesn’t want her to fall off the deep end like he once did. He knows a thing or two about pressure, extremely high expectations, as well as not being able to perform when you’re sick. Rihanna’s not in good spirits right now, and that’s why Chris has reached out to help save her before she has a meltdown worse than Charlie [Sheen] and Britney [Spears] combined. They’ve been talking by phone,” a source explained.

Could this all mean Chris Brown still has feelings for Rihanna?

Rihanna had recently cancelled her performance at the Grammys. And rumors are doing the rounds that she isn’t exactly too happy about her album sales either, and the absence of any serious relationship is taking a toll on her.

“She keeps a good face for the public, but behind closed doors, Rihanna’s going through it,” a source stated. “She’s depressed. Her album isn’t popping the way she thought it would and that’s got her down. She’s a pop princess with a big ego, but she’s still human and those anti-‘ANTI’ reviews kicked her in the gut.”

This may be all about Rihanna going through a bad phase and Chris Brown giving her a helping hand. Observers could see that Rihanna was not exactly in high spirits while she prepped up for her Grammy routine. TMZ had reported that Rihanna was throwing tantrums during her rehearsals and eventually decided she was not going to perform at all. This came as a huge shock to observers.

However, in other reports, Chris Brown has denied he is dating Rihanna. There was even a screenshot posted by Shade Room that captured Chris Brown as saying, “Yall live in an imaginary world. It’s not happening.”

Urban Islandz also reported Chris Brown has no problem if Rihanna dates Travis Scott.

“Chris and Travis are friends and so does he and Rihanna so there is no ill feelings or anything like that these are all BS,” sources said. “Breezy has mad love for Rihanna and and want her to be happy with whoever she chooses to date so all this rumors are not true.”

“People should just let these two get on with their lives and stop tryingh to always link them in every situation because they are both doing their thing and are both living their separate lives,” sources revealed.

It seems like the Chris Brown supporters are insistent that everything between them was in the past and that they are not exactly keeping tabs on what the other is doing.

“RiRi and Chris are two dope artists who had a history and that is all in the past. None of them are interfering with each other lives so folks should let them be them and let them continue to make great music.”

However, in his interview with Tim Westwood, Chris Brown talks very tenderly about Rihanna.

“She’s my homie though. We knew each other since we were 14, 15 so with that kind of history, we are always going to be cool. I don’t get jealous, I don’t get mad. I got nothing but love and respect for her.”

Brown goes on to say, “Brown continues by noting, “I respect her as an artist. Obviously people are going to make a spectacle, like, ‘Oh, he’s playing her music!’ But who doesn’t? I’m pretty sure she plays my music.”

If all this is to be believed, could it be true that Chris Brown is finally patching things up with Rihanna?

[Photo By Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]