‘Rocket League’ Snow Day Mode Hits Next Week, Xbox One Roadmap Laid Out

Rocket League finally hit the Xbox One earlier this week, but it launched without some of the newest features recently added to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. Developer Psyonix penned a note Thursday explaining the reason while also revealing the return of the unique Snow Day hockey mode is right around the corner.

Currently, the Xbox One is missing the Rocket Labs added to the PS4 and PC versions of Rocket League along with various community and cross-promotional Garage items. Additionally, the Snow Day mode is also missing, but the hockey-style gametype has also been missing on PS4 and PC for a couple of months.

The reason for their absence on Microsoft’s console is due to the fact they were released on other platforms after the game was sent to certification with Microsoft. Psyonix is also taking baby steps with different features in the game to ensure the stability of the base playlists and give the new community a chance to understand the game’s fundamentals before throwing in various curveballs.


The good news is the wait for the alternate Rocket League features won’t be too long. Snow Day will join the online playlist for all platforms sometime during the week of February 22.

“Subjectively, this mode is AWESOME, and the seemingly-small change from ball to puck makes an enormous difference in strategy, timing, and teamwork,” Psyonix said. “Note, that this mode will not replace any current Playlist in any way, and will instead join the existing football (soccer) modes in non-competitive online play.”

Around the same time, the first update will be delivered to the game to fix some of the initial bugs and crashes that have been discovered thus far. Psyonix says a second bug fix update is also in the works, and Rocket League players should realistically expect bug fix updates to continue every time new content, features, and modes are added.

“A little further down the road, near the end of March or possibly sooner (depending on matchmaking health), we will introduce the ‘Mutator Mashup’ online playlist that brings several pre-created ‘Mutator’ combinations like Cubic or Pinball to the network scene,” the developer added. “Whether or not they are added as an addition to or a replacement for Snow Day will depend on what kind of split we’re seeing (if any) with the audience.”

“By the time April rolls around, we hope to have the all three versions of Rocket League completely aligned with a content update to Xbox One. It is here that you should see Rocket Labs come to XB1 and most, if not all, content that has been added in the PC and PS4 updates after our Xbox submission. Community flags and other Garage items updates will get added in as well. We’ll have more specific information as we get closer to the patch release.”

Rocket League (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
[Image via Rocket League]

Rocket League is available for the Xbox at the same $19.99 price as the other platforms. However, it comes with the following three DLC packs for free.

  • “Supersonic Fury” – Two Premium Battle-Cars, 12 Decals, 5 Paint types, 2 Rocket Trails, 2 Wheels
  • “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” – Two Premium Battle-Cars, 12 Decals, 3 Paint types, 2 Rocket Trails, 2 Wheels, 4 Toppers, 2 Antennas
  • “Chaos Run” – Two Premium Battle-Cars, 12 Decals, 2 Wheels, 2 Rocket Trails, 3 Toppers, 3 Antennas

Additionally, Xbox One owners that purchase Rocket League receive the “Armadillo” vehicle from Gears of War and a Halo Warthog variant named “HogSticker.” Several Garage items are also available as free console exclusives, such as the Fizzie antenna and Overcharge Rocket Trail based on Sunset Overdrive.

If you picked up Rocket League on the Xbox One, how has your experience been so far? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Psyonix]