Kim Kardashian Flunks Weight Loss By Sneaking Fast Food: ‘KUWTK’ Star Soars To 200 Lbs & Turns To Plastic Surgery?

Is Kim Kardashian wearing a big coat to hide her failure at weight loss?

Kim Kardashian suffered with her first post-pregnancy weight loss wars after welcoming North West into the world, and now the Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) star is facing another battle to shed pounds after recently giving birth to Saint West. Topping the scales at about 200 pounds, the mom of two is struggling to succeed with her weight loss goals, according to OK! Magazine.

Initially, the KUWTK diva was so upset about her weight loss failure that she didn’t even want to go to New York Fashion Week to support her husband, a source told OK.

Does Kim Kardashian's big coat disguise her weight gain?

“When she saw that her weight was still hovering near 200 pounds, she had a full-on meltdown. She told Kanye that there was no way she could go to Manhattan,” revealed the source. “She felt so uncomfortable at the thought on being front and center at his show, looking and feeling as she does. But they had a big fight, and he pretty much pushed her into it.”

Forced to go, Kardashian succeeded in hiding her weight partly by always wearing big fur coats.

As to the barriers in achieving her weight loss goals, juggling her responsibilities as the queen of KUWTK with being the mom of two is taking away from any time to exercise. Kardashian has set herself a weight loss goal of 70 pounds, but the source revealed that at this point, the reality TV star is in panic mode when it comes to taking off the excess weight.

“She says that she wants to lose a total of 70 pounds, but she’s made no progress. She’s trying to be inspirational to her fans by saying that she’s losing it slowly and healthfully, but the reality is that she’s actually moving in the wrong direction, and she’s panicking.”

With a failure when it comes to making time to exercise and a problem with being drawn to the wrong food choices, the KUWTK star is losing her battle of the bulge. Among the fattening foods she can’t resist are pizza, chips, and fried chicken.

“She sneaks junk food. She snacks on pizza, chips — anything fast,” an insider told OK.

What do you do when exercise and diet don’t work and you’re a wealthy celebrity who is determined to succeed with your weight loss wars? Rumors currently are swirling that Kardashian turned to plastic surgery, including mommy makeover procedures, such as a tummy tuck, to restore her pre-baby body.

Did Kim Kardashian turn to plastic surgery to shed her post-baby weight?

But a source representing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star insisted to the Daily Mail that those plastic surgery reports aren’t true.

The reports of plastic surgery to make it look as if the KUWTK star has succeeded with her weight loss began when a celebrity dermatologist alleged that Kardashian had shelled out $100,000 on cosmetic procedures. Dr. Tabasum Mir, a dermatologist based in New York City who also is a star of Bravo’s The Singles Project, claims that she believes the KUWTK queen underwent a tummy tuck, laser treatments, and implants to restore her pre-baby body.

“This is false,” Kardashian’s rep responded to the Daily Mail.

Dr. Tabasum also hinted that Kardashian had undergone plastic surgery after North was born, hiding out while she healed rather than using diet and exercise to achieve her weight loss goals.

“If history serves us well, after she gave birth to North, we went an entire summer and we didn’t see her and when she reappeared, all of a sudden she was flawless with beautiful hips and a beautiful backside.”

Total cost for the Mommy Makeover procedures that Dr. Tabasum thinks the KUWTK star has undergone to substitute for diet and exercise?

“I’m going to say $100,000,” she estimated for the cost of liposuction, cellulite reduction, tummy tuck and perhaps implants. “A lot of the skin gets stretchmarks after having a baby and people want to take care of that so there could be lasers involved.”

As to the reason for those big fur coats that Kardashian suddenly is wearing almost all the time in public? Such procedures typically involve wearing compression garments, so a revealing outfit would unveil the secret that she allegedly is trying to hide.

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