‘Deadpool’ Writers Left Out Many Original Characters, Said They Were Too Expensive

The movie Deadpool was a hit, even if it did leave out many of the original characters because they said they were too expensive to add them in. The movie was something everyone involved in it enjoyed doing very much. However, they did have a small budget to work with, and this is why they had to leave out so many of the original characters. Not only did they have to leave out many of the originals from the comic book, but they had to compromise on putting three characters into one. Meaning instead of bringing back those three characters from the original comic book, they condensed those three characters and made one character out of it by hiring Gina Carano to play Angel Dust, according to iO9.com.

Although there were so many of the original characters and so much action cut out of the movie, Deadpool, according to TeeHunter, was a big hit and brought in $135 million during its opening weekend. If you want to count the Monday holiday, then it actually brought in $150 million during opening weekend. This is really good for a movie that had so many cuts before it was released. With the movie being such a big hit, so much merchandise was sold as well. Although, according to Forbes, the making of this movie wasn’t about getting the kids to ask their parents to buy them the merchandise like games, action figures, and even t-shirts. This movie was much more than having the kids begging their parents to buy them these items. This is why it was such a huge success.

They actually left many of the originals out because of budget cuts, according to iO9.com. And, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to know who was left out, stop reading this right now because some major spoilers are ahead.

If you have never read the comic before, then you probably don’t know who these characters are. However, many of them were major characters. Patch was left out of the movie. Patch was the bartender who handed out mercenary assignments at the Hellhouse bar. Now, they do still have someone handing out the assignments in the movie, and it is Weasel, who is doing Patchs’ job now and his own snarking job as well. The writer of the movie explained why. According to writer Paul Wernick, a lot of the reason for this was to focus on fewer characters and fewer scenes in the movie because of budget cuts while making it.

Deadpool was a huge success, although there was so many cuts made.
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Dr. Killebrew was also left out of the movie. Now, Ajax is doing his job of experimenting. In the comic, Ajax worked for Dr. Killebrew, so this actually made sense for them to give Ajax the doc’s job. Not only is Ajax doing the experiments in the movie instead of the Mad Doctor, Dr. Killebrew, he is also kidnapping people, selling people, fighting, and much more.

Now Garrison Kane was originally supposed to be in the movie but the reason he got cut was because his robotic arms were breaking the budget. In fact, according to the director, Tim Miller, they wanted him in the movie because they wanted more superhero stuff. However, he has bionic arms that change shape, and although this would have been a great visual effect for the movie, it would have been too much and too expensive for them to add him in with his arms the way they were.

The characters they condensed into one, Angel Dust, were originally supposed to be three characters who were Garrison Kane, who had the bionic shape changing arms, and Sluggo and Wire. They wanted them all in because in the third act Miller wanted more superhero action. However, to help with the budget, they condensed these three down into one character, Angel Dust.

Deadpool was a huge success!
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Other characters who were cut from the movie who were originally from the comic include Cannonball, Taskmaster, and some other Marvel cameos. They exchanged Cannonball for another character, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. According to Blastr, Taskmaster was the character who was able to take on and replicate the physical abilities of anyone he sees. This would have been a great character to have in the movie. Although, according to Ryan Reynolds, he was too expensive. Reynolds also said, according to iO9.com, they went through hell trying to figure out which characters to keep and which ones to cut entirely from the movie.

A lot of action was also cut out of the movie, according to the report. In fact, at the very last second, they cut $7 million worth of action out of the movie and lost nine pages of action from the script.

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