Dallas Cowboys Rumors: RG3 And Tim Tebow Are Top Choices To Back Up Tony Romo In 2016

The Dallas Cowboys need a back-up quarterback because they just can’t take the chance of Tony Romo suffering serious injuries again, and not having someone to take over. Johnny Manziel‘s constant troubles appear to have taken him off the Cowboys’ and NFL’s radar, but there is still some competition. It appears now as if Robert Griffin III and Tim Tebow are the lead candidates to land in Dallas for the 2016 season.

With Romo’s injuries limiting him to a mere four games in 2015, the Cowboys had to rely on a number of back-up quarterbacks. Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore could not get things done.

That being said, the Cowboys aren’t going to allow another season to begin without having some kind of decent back-up behind Romo. It was once believed that Manziel was going to be the heir apparent to Tony Romo, but it’s also obvious that he has many other issues to deal with before continuing his NFL career.

Now, it appears as if Jerry Jones has his sights set on two other targets.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo robert griffin III rg3 tim tebow [Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images]Robert Griffin III is going to very likely be released by the Washington Redskins soon, and it’s believed that the Cowboys will make a run for him. He’s not going to be a quarterback that will garner a huge contract, and rumors have long persisted that he will end up in Dallas.

ESPN reports that RG3 is a horrible fit in Dallas and he shouldn’t even want to go there as he’s going to be nothing more than a back up. Romo is cemented in place for at least the next three or four years, or for as long as he can stay healthy and produce on the field.

Having Griffin on the Cowboys’ roster could be a huge upheaval for the offense as he and Romo are completely different quarterbacks. One may think that Jones and head coach Jason Garrett don’t want to see as much change in their offense if Romo were to go down to injury or need to be replaced due to poor productivity.

It’s quite a shame to see how fast and far RG3 has fallen, and injuries have played a big part in it. Things haven’t helped by having multiple coaches and coordinators, but someone is going to take a chance on him for next season.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo robert griffin III rg3 tim tebow [Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images]Even though he hasn’t played in years and is busy doing a lot of announcing and TV work, the Gospel Herald reports that Tim Tebow is still a possible option in Dallas. Fans love Tebow and have long wanted him to be a part of the team, but it’s all in Jerry Jones deciding if he’s the one who can back up Romo.

Neither Tebow, nor the Cowboys, have ever truly said anything on the rumors of the quarterback re-entering the NFL and becoming a part of the team. The addition of Tebow would mean putting a quarterback that hasn’t seen the field in years in the back-up position.

The fans may end up receiving Robert Griffin III as he did attend Baylor and it could really be a great learning experience for him to sit behind Romo a year or two. He could maybe change up a bit of his style and learn what it takes to be a franchise quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys need a back-up signal caller after Tony Romo’s numerous injuries and the fact that he is not getting any younger. Robert Griffin III and Tim Tebow do seem like viable options for 2016, but they do also have the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft and could go after a young star.

[Image by Mitchell Leff and Rich Schultz/Getty Images]