Watch Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Live Stream From Vegas: Dead Heat Going Into Nevada Caucus

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Live Stream

Just two days before Nevada Democrats caucus to decide whether Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will take home the majority of the state’s 43 delegates, voters can watch a live stream of the latest Town Hall event featuring the two contenders for the Democratic party’s nomination as they each take to the stage at KMA Event Center in Las Vegas Thursday night to make one final pitch to Silver State voters — and for yet another opportunity to sway voters nationwide.

The Town Hall forum featuring Sanders and Clinton in separate, back-to-back appearances is co-sponsored by cable news network MSNBC and Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo. The event goes head-to-head on the airwaves and in online live streaming against a Republican Town Hall in South Carolina on competing cable news outlet CNN.

The CNN event features GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who consistently draws big TV ratings with his propensity for making unpredictable and outrageous remarks.

Chuck Todd of NBC News and José Díaz-Balart of Telemundo will co-host the Democratic Sanders vs. Clinton Town Hall. A live stream of the event can be viewed in the video below starting at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, 9 p.m. Eastern, on Thursday, February 18 — or continue reading for information on other live streaming options to watch the Democratic Town Hall.

To find out other ways to watch a live stream of the Nevada Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall event, see the links in the final paragraph of this article.

While Clinton continues to hold a significant polling advantage over Sanders nationally, as well as the next non-caucus primary state of South Carolina where Democrats go to the polls on February 27, the Nevada race has become a virtual dead heat in recent days — though Clinton saw a slight upturn in the latest polling results leading into the Town Hall event.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Live Stream Voters

On a national level, according to FiveThirtyEight‘s polling average, Clinton is currently riding an 11.7 percentage point advantage, with 50.5 percent of Democratic voters supporting her, compared to 38.8 percent for Sanders.

But in Nevada, as recently as one week ago, February 11, Clinton held a comfortable 50.3 percent to 28 percent lead over Sanders. But in the ensuing seven days, Sanders has swayed undecided voters to the point where on Tuesday of this week, the two candidates were nearly tied in the FiveThirtyEight polling average, with 45.2 percent for Clinton, 44.8 for Sanders.

Thursday night’s debate, however, will be even more crucial for Sanders than for Clinton, as in just the last day he has seen some of his gains slip away, as Hillary Clinton has built her share of the state’s Democratic voters back up to 50.3 percent.

Sanders has managed more modest gains, standing at 46.4 percent coming into the critical Town Hall in Las Vegas. As a result, FiveThirtyEight sees Clinton with a statistical 64 percent probability of winning the Nevada Caucus on Saturday, with Sanders’ chances at 34 percent.

The Nevada caucus could be considered a must-win for Sanders, given that Clinton holds sizable leads not only in South Carolina on February 27, but in most of the March 1 “Super Tuesday” states, meaning that if he can’t grab most of the delegates coming out of Nevada, Sanders could find himself effectively out of the race by March 2.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Live Stream Voters women

In the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, issued on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton continued to run significantly ahead of Bernie Sanders nationally with minority and women voters, as well as voters over the age of 50. Voters who identified as Democrats also favored Clinton in the NBC/WSJ poll by 21 points.

The main strength of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race comes mainly from white men, voters under age 50, and voters who call themselves independent, not members of either political party.

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton next take the same stage in a CNN Town Hall next Tuesday, February 23. Watch their most recent encounter, in last week’s PBS head-to-head debate, in the video below.

To watch the Thursday Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton Democratic Town Hall live stream, go to MSNBC Live at this link, or download the MSNBC app to watch on mobile devices. An alternative streaming link can be found here, with a link to the Telemundo Spanish broadcast at this link.

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