Marissa Mayer Could Earn $60 Million Thanks To Yahoo Compensation Package

James Johnson

Leaving Google could turn out to be quite the lucrative deal for new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. While Marissa is guaranteed a one-year base salary of $1 million her real earning potential comes from a $60 million compensation package over a five-year period.

The company on Thursday filed an SEC notice which shows that Mayer's contract does not include an end date but instead offers bonuses and stock compensation. While the total doesn't include annual awards made after 2012 it comes with tens of millions of dollars in bonuses if she lasts the entire time of her contract.

Money likely wasn't the biggest motivator for Mayer, when Google launched its IPO she cashed in, earning Google's platform manager millions of dollars.

According to the SEC report Marissa Mayer will receive $1 million annually along with the following bonuses provided by Paid Content:

- A pro-rated target incentive of up to 400 percent for 2012. The annual executive target plan is 200 percent - $12 million in restricted stock units (RSUs)and stock options for 2012, vesting over 30 months. - $14 million in restricted stock units vesting through 2014: $4 million in 2012, $7 million in 2013 and $3 million in 2014. This is to help compensate her for compensation she gave up at Google, similar to a payment Scott Thompson, the last CEO, received for leaving his package at PayPal behind. - A $30 million retention equity award in RSUs and stock options that vests in equal parts through 2017. - $50,000 a year for security.

Here is the full SEC filing provided by Yahoo:

While Marissa Mayer may be taking a nice compensation package from Yahoo her pay is nowhere near Carol Bartz who received a total 4 year comp package worth $187 million or Terry Semel who got $600m for 6 years at Yahoo! Inc. for his failed services.