Glenn Beck: God Killed Antonin Scalia For Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck: God Killed Scalia For Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck said during a radio broadcast Tuesday that God killed Antonin Scalia so we could have Ted Cruz as president, reports CNN. Assuming the voice of God during the broadcast, Beck answered the question posed by co-host Pat Grey.

“I just woke the American people up, I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say look how close your liberty is to being lost,” said Glenn Beck, speaking as God.

Glenn Beck has since fired back, stating that he didn’t say God killed Scalia to help Ted Cruz. Instead, in his own words, he said “maybe God allowed Scalia to die,” to show Americans they should vote for Ted Cruz. An important difference, says Beck.

“I happen to believe in divine providence. Americans historically have, maybe you do not. That is your choice and I do not mock you [for that]. Why mock me for believing in a traditional view of God?” Glenn Beck asked in a Facebook post.

The now-infamous moment came as Beck was on the campaign trail for Ted Cruz, for whom he has tirelessly advocated on his radio show and on the campaign trail. He also stated that Cruz was born to be President of the United States, as the Inquisitr reported previously.

Back in January, Glenn Beck first came out in support of Ted Cruz, speaking at a rally in Iowa. Beck attacked Donald Trump during his speech, calling the Republican candidate a “progressive.” In the Glenn Beck’s vernacular, this is something of an insult, a thing to be rooted out and wary of — even in the Republican party.

“Progressivism is in both sides,” Glenn Beck warns. “You have to look for the tell.”

The ringing endorsement of Ted Cruz wasn’t just a call for Glenn Beck’s supporters to come out and vote for the Texas Senator, it was a rallying cry for the Republican party as a whole, reports the Washington Post.

“I have prayed for the next George Washington, I believe I found him,” Glenn Beck said during the rally, speaking of Ted Cruz.

The endorsement, however colorful, may not have helped Ted Cruz very much in the battleground state of South Carolina, where the evangelical voters who supported Cruz in Iowa tend to behave a little differently, reports Politico.

Cruz was the evangelical favorite in Iowa, where Glenn Beck’s endorsement likely gave the candidate a big push, but in South Carolina, pollsters are starting to worry. Marco Rubio has come out of nowhere with a strong endorsement from conservative governor Nikki Haley and a grassroots approach that includes visits to local churches with a South Carolina Senator.

“The whole premise of Cruz’s campaign is he’s the choice of evangelicals. The reality is multiple candidates in this race have evangelical bona fides, of all of them Marco is the one I think has really stood out to the people, maybe because they weren’t expecting him to be able to so powerfully and articulately describe his relationship with Jesus,” said an anonymous Rubio staffer who spoke to Politico.

In South Carolina, the Cruz and Rubio campaign have been vying for the evangelical vote, which is a much more racially and economically diverse group than it was in Iowa, it’s also much larger.

“The vote is split between Trump, Cruz and Rubio. I think Rubio and Cruz though are really making a hard push,” said Glenn McCall, a Republican National Committee member from South Carolina.

The split is having a huge effect on the Trump campaign, which has so far been able to rely on solid national poll numbers. But after a few high profile attacks by Rubio and Cruz, those numbers seem to be stagnating while Cruz and Rubio try desperately to catch up.

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