Brandi Glanville's Glad Erika Girardi's Defending Yolanda Foster, Yolanda Says Karma Is Coming For Lisa Rinna

Brandi Glanville is glad that her friend Yolanda Foster has someone on the current cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who will defend her. On Tuesday night, in response to a viewer who asked her what she thinks of new housewife Erika Girardi, Brandi tweeted that she likes her and is glad Yolanda has someone to defend her.

Brandi added that Yolanda can defend herself pretty well, so she doesn't necessarily need others to defend her.

Viewers definitely saw Yolanda defend herself on Tuesday night's episode. In a previous episode, Lisa R., to Yolanda at her condo, confessed that she engaged in a conversation with someone else about Munchausen syndrome and later brought it up to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. Yolanda didn't know what Munchausen syndrome meant. When Lisa R. briefly explained what it meant, Yolanda remained calm. She later accepted Lisa R.'s apology for engaging in such a conversation.
Yet, on Tuesday night's episode, Yolanda arrived at Erika's carnival-themed BBQ seemingly ready to fight. She angrily threw balls and declared that she was angry over the whole Munchausen discussion. On the car ride over to the BBQ, Eileen Davidson, who had a talk with Yolanda a few days prior, warned Lisa R. that Yolanda was actually very angry at her. As it turns out, Yolanda, after Lisa R. left her condo, had her health advocate look up Munchausen syndrome to better understand what Lisa R. just told her. Upon reading about it more herself, Yolanda became riled up and believed that Lisa R. put it out there that she has Munchausen. Eileen also told Lisa R. that during their talk, Yolanda said that she can say Lisa R. is bipolar but would never do that.

When all of the women sat down at a table together, Yolanda Foster ripped into Lisa Rinna for questioning her illness and suggesting that she has Munchausen. Lisa R. defended herself by saying that she never questioned Yolanda's illness herself but simply brought up what someone else was saying. Yolanda said that Lisa R. should have defended her instead of engaging in the conversation and later bringing it up to Lisa V. and Kyle. When Lisa V. spoke up to defend Lisa R., Yolanda yelled at her, saying that Lisa V. should be on her side as well. Yolanda said that Lisa R. labeled Kim Richards and Brandi, and now she's labeling her. Lisa R. apologized to Yolanda several times, but Yolanda told her that her apologies were not enough. Yolanda, backed up by Erika Girardi, even demanded that Lisa R. reveal who talked to her about Yolanda possibly having Munchausen. Lisa R. refused to reveal the identity.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live after the Real Housewives episode aired, Yolanda continued to criticize Lisa R. after she was shown a clip of Lisa R. admitting, during her own Watch What Happens Live appearance, that it was her hairdresser who brought up that Yolanda might up Munchausen.

Yolanda continued her criticism on Twitter. In reference to an article that recapped the episode and included a photo of Lisa R., Yolanda tweeted that labeling someone with a chronic invisible disease is not acceptable and that "Karma is very real."
Yolanda also reacted to the Watch What Happens Live poll reveal that stated that more viewers are on Team Yolanda than Team Lisa R. Yolanda made clear that she, not Lisa R., is the one delivering truth and authenticity.
Lisa R. defended herself on social media as well. As she did in the episode, Lisa R., by tweeting a card image about bipolar disorder, pointed out that Yolanda engaged in the very behavior that she's crying foul about when she told Eileen that Lisa R. could be bipolar.
Lisa R. also thanked her supporters for their kind and supportive tweets.
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa Rinna descended into a Twitter war with Yolanda last week over Yolanda telling Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards that it was she who told her about their discussion of her children's Lyme disease when, in fact, it was Erika Girardi who told.

A preview for Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows that Brandi will soon appear in a scene with Yolanda. In the scene, Brandi tells Yolanda that the other housewives are preying on her now that she's sick.

On Tuesday morning, in response to someone who expressed excitement over Brandi Glanville's upcoming appearance to help defend Yolanda Foster, Brandi tweeted that she'll always have Yolanda's back.

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