Joey Feek & Rory Feek’s ‘Prayers Answered’ As Singer Lives To Enjoy Daughter’s 2nd Birthday Amid Cancer [Photos]

Joey and Rory Feek share love.

Joey Feek and Rory Feek just celebrated what to some families might seem like a nice, but not especially significant, milestone: Their daughter Indiana turned two. But since Joey was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the country music duo has learned to cherish each day together as if it were their last. And for the courageous woman who is seeking to find joy in each day from her hospice bed, the happiness of celebrating her little girl’s birthday with her beloved husband, Rory, means something extra special to her and the Feek family, reported People.

Rory Lee Feek and Joey Martin Feek of Joey + Rory have learned to cherish every day together.
Joey and Feek have shared their story of love, faith, and courage on social media and blogs, and recently a Grammy Award nomination revealed just how successful they have been as a country duo before cancer caused her to enter hospice care. That nomination, along with the release of their new album, has provided joy among the heartache. But something about living to see her daughter’s second birthday was extra special to Joey.

Turning to social media, Feek posted a sweet photo and caption about what being there to see Indiana turn two meant to Joey.

…some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They're dreams coming true and prayers being answered.

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“Some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They’re dreams coming true and prayers being answered,” said the caption.

To share the joy of that dream coming true, Rory posted a variety of adorable moments from the special day that Joey had longed to see. Among them was a precious video showing Indiana having a blast in her cute little footie pjs.

“… barely awake and already signing and celebrating her big day,” the caption reads.

…barely awake and already signing and celebrating her big day.

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The Feek family currently are living in Alexandria, Indiana, which is the hometown of Joey. Her diagnosis of cervical cancer shocked in May, 2014, coming just months after Indiana, who has Down syndrome, was born.

But as Joey takes it one day at a time in hospice care, the Feek family is seeking to focus not on her terminal cancer but on their love. Bedridden Joey received a kiss from her daughter on Valentine’s Day, which Feek shared on social media, as well.

…happy Valentine's Day mama

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As for that Grammy nomination, which so many fans had hoped they would win, Rory and his wife were gracious in losing. Although Little Big Town won rather than Joey+Rory, as the Feek duo is known, in the best country duo/group performance category, the couple were thrilled to have received a nomination for the first time in their career.

Although Joey was too frail to travel, the Feek family delighted in viewing from home. The Joey + Rory duo was represented by Heidi and Hopie, Rory’s grown daughters from a former marriage, and their manager, Aaron Carnahan.

In November, Rory had revealed that Joey was dreaming of living to spend Christmas with her family, followed by Indiana’s birthday, reported Hello.

Those dreams now have come true. As for being nominated for the first time, Feek revealed just how appreciative he and Joey are in an Instagram and post.

…more than enough

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“We will smile at each other and wonder how in the world we got so blessed. How we’ve come so far without going anywhere at all,” reflected Rory.

In his blog, Feek also revealed the plans he had made for Indiana’s birthday.

“It’s of course going to be Gruffalo-themed … he has ‘terrible teeth in his terrible jaws!’. My mother-in-law June is going to make Indy a paleo ‘Gruffalo crumble’ cupcake and we’ll have ‘owl ice cream’… and we will do our best to make it the very special day that it is,” promised the devoted dad.

Rory Lee Feek and Joey Martin Feek appreciate the simple joys of their life.
In addition, Rory shared that the Feek family has learned to adjust their lives to what Joey can handle.

“Our plan is to put streamers up around Joey’s bed and move Indiana’s high-chair in beside her, so Joey can be part of it. So she can watch our little-one eat her cupcake and rip the wrapping paper off her gifts. But Joey is very fragile right now, and so with all of these plans we have, we will need to adjust for what my wife needs.”

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