Lisa Rinna Hints Erika Girardi Is Two-Faced: Not Happy With Yolanda Foster

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took a turn last night, and Lisa Rinna was shocked at how things unfolded. Of course, Lisa knew that Yolanda Foster wasn't happy with her over the Munchausen situation, but it seems like Foster may have misunderstood what was meant by the comment. According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Rinna is now revealing her true thoughts about everything, and she isn't happy with Erika Girardi. Of course, Erika was the one who told Foster about the rumors that she was faking Lyme disease and that the other ladies were talking about her children.

Lisa starts her blog by saying that she isn't upset that Erika told her friend about what was said. And Rinna denies sharing everything with the goal of spreading rumors or calling Erika out. Rinna simply wanted the housewives, including Yolanda, to know that she didn't want her name involved anymore. And that's when she saw two sides of Erika.

"I'm really seeing that there are definitely two distinct sides to Erika. There is Erika Girardi, distinguished attorney Tom Girardi's wife, who graciously invited me over to discuss how best to approach Yolanda and come clean about the Munchausen discussions. It was Erika Girardi who assured me to just be honest with Yolanda and that she would be so appreciative that I came directly to her to address the situation," Lisa Rinna reveals, saying this is the calming side of the new housewife.

"Then we have Erika Jayne, who gives zero f---s and tosses honesty out the window. Erika Jayne who has no problem belligerently yelling at me twice now, disregarding any of the advice that Erika Girardi has given me. I'm not so sure I can trust this version of her, so I need to be very aware of which Erika I am dealing with," Rinna points out.

Of course, Lisa Rinna didn't plan on Yolanda being as mad as she did. And Foster did seem very angry -- to the point where she didn't want to listen to any other suggestions or stories. She was convinced that someone had accused her of making her children sick for the sake of attention, even though that wasn't the case.

"Yolanda Hadid Foster was on a mission, and her mission was to try to nail me to the wall with what she thought to be the facts. It's obvious that she has it in her head that I am labeling her with Munchausen since she said numerous times that I am labeling her. In reality, what I did was inform her that she has already been questioned and labeled by others in our community," Rinna revealed, adding that Foster's defense was not justified.

And it was a big shocker when Foster gave an example, where she hinted that Rinna was unstable and possibly bipolar based on what went down in Amsterdam last year. What she may not realize is that by saying such a thing, she's actually dropping a major hint that Lisa is indeed bipolar.

"I was surprised when Yolanda said, 'I could say [Lisa Rinna] is unstable or bipolar, but I would never do that!' because, in essence, she just did. Obviously, that statement was retaliation for my reading the definition of Munchausen. So, I guess we're even-steven now," Lisa Rinna points out.

But when Yolanda visited Watch What Happens Live, she was asked about forgiving Lisa Rinna and moving on. Even though Lisa feels that these two may be even, Yolanda revealed that she didn't owe an apology whatsoever, according to Us Weekly.

What did you think of last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Are you surprised that Lisa Rinna was yelled at so much?

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