Kim Richards Thanks Supporters For Love, Lisa Rinna And Kathryn Edwards Continue To Disagree Over Kim

Kim Richards has re-emerged on social media after the death of her ex-husband and very good friend Monty Brinson. On Tuesday night, Kim posted a photo of Monty kissing her as she looks at the camera during their younger days. Kim paid tribute to Monty, whom she called an amazing soul, husband, father, and friend.

Kim also thanked her supporters for all of the kind and heartfelt messages that she has received after Monty's death. Kim told her supporters that they all mean so much to her and meant so much to Monty as well. She added that she knows that Monty, who frequently posted and communicated with people on Instagram, even up to his final days, is reading, watching, and listening to all what people are saying.

Monty passed away after a long battle with cancer in late January. He and Kim had one child together, daughter Brooke Brinson. While their marriage was short, Kim and Monty remained good and close friends throughout the years. On Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Monty was shown walking Brooke down the aisle at her wedding and dancing with Kim. When Kim's addiction issues became headlines in the media after she was arrested twice and went to rehab multiple times over the summer of 2015, Monty regularly defended Kim via his Instagram page. He routinely said that she was better and was going to prove everyone wrong.

While Kim Richards isn't now a starring housewife on Real Housewives, her sobriety and addiction issues, as well as her strained relationship with Kyle Richards, have continued to be a central story line on the current season. On Tuesday night's episode, during a group brunch at Kathryn Edwards' San Diego home, some of the women started making fun of how little Lisa Rinna eats. Lisa R. said that it came up last year that she may have an eating disorder, in reference to Kim yelling at her, during their dinner fight in Amsterdam, to eat some bread to calm down. Lisa R. said that it came up in a "nasty" way. When Kathryn asked who said that, Lisa R. hesitated and said, "that person." Kyle admitted that it was her sister Kim. Lisa R. called her past drama with Kim "vicious" and "vile."

"It was some vicious, vile stuff that went on."
Kyle tried to cut Lisa R. off.
"This is really uncomfortable for me...I don't like the 'vicious' and 'vile' and 'problems' — I don't want to hear that about her."
In her interview, Kyle pointed out that Lisa. R's hands weren't completely clean when it came to what happened with Kim and she doesn't like hearing Lisa R. putting all the blame on Kim.

Back at the table, Lisa R. described her season 5 fight with Kim was "a really scary moment." Kathryn, who has never met Kim, said that Lisa R. was being a tad melodramatic by using the word "scary."

Kyle ended up leaving the table and talking to Lisa Vanderpump elsewhere. Kyle said that she could have brought up the threatening text message that Lisa R. sent to Kim, which was scary for Kim. After Kyle calmed down, Kyle told Lisa V. that she and Kim, after months of no contact, were texting one another on the road to reconciliation.

Eileen, wondering why Kathryn was being so defensive over Kim, asked her what her story with addiction was. Kathryn revealed that she's very sensitive about addiction issues and talking about people who battle it because her own father battled addiction and committed suicide when she was 13-years-old. The other women consoled Kathryn as she broke down in tears and said that they now understood where she was coming from.

In her blog post recapping the episode, Kathryn Edwards reiterated that she got protective over Kim.

"Maybe I hang on words too much and give my two cents when it isn't solicited, but when it comes to certain things, I can't help it. I get protective, and even though I don't know Kim Richards, I felt like I had to stand up for her in what was a dark time in her life. Who would choose to carry the weight of addiction?"
Yet Lisa R. remains unconvinced when it comes to Kim's true nature. In her interview, Lisa R. went so far as calling Kim a "lunatic" and "rabid dog."
"Kim Richards is an addict, she's a f---ing lunatic. She comes at you like a dog, like a rabid dog."
In her blog post, Lisa R. explained that she wasn't calling Kim "scary" but saying that there were some very scary moments for several of them last season.
"When I said the word 'scary,' I meant that there were some very scary moments for quite a few of us last year because there were."
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lisa R. claimed during her recent Watch What Happens Live appearance that a good friend of Kim's recently reached out to her to thank her for bringing to light Kim's addiction issues and forcing people to talk about it.A Season 6 preview for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows that Kim Richards will appear in at least one scene. The scene involves her confronting Lisa Rinna about pointing fingers at her and Lisa R. telling Kim to own up to her behavior.

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