Jeb Bush Flaunts His Gun On Social Media To Show His Second Amendment Support

Jeb Bush — former Florida governor turned GOP presidential candidate — implied that his gun, with his name and title engraved on it, represents America.

News station KTLA says that the gun tweet is Jeb Bush’s desperate attempt at pandering to citizens of South Carolina with the upcoming GOP debate in sight. The southern state is well-known for their Second Amendment support, KTLA added.

Bush recently made an appearance at a high-security firearm company in Columbia, South Carolina, for a town hall meeting on Tuesday morning.

Bush expressed his mutual sentiments with town hall members about his support for the Second Amendment.

When asked about the gun tweet, however, Bush said he no knowledge of it. He then said that it was a tribute to his appearance at the gun company.

“The purpose was we went to a gun manufacturing facility where lots of jobs are created, high-wage jobs. And I received a gun and I was honored to have it,” Jeb said.

Bush often reminds supporters of his gun regulation record to conservative supporters during his stint as governor of Florida.

Military issues have been central to South Carolina politics as well. Republican candidates often tout glimpses of machismo and national security toughness when addressing the South Carolina political crowd in general.

KTLA also pointed out that Bush notched 10 percent in the latest CNN/ORC South Carolina poll which was released on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, the rest of the country was watching Bush’s gun tweet and it sparked a storm of comments and memes on social media criticizing the ballistic image — because that’s how the internet works nowadays.

Even Wikileaks proprietor, Eric Snowden, chimed in.

The internet has come full force at Jeb for posting his gun and the reasons for it has its appropriate merit. Jeb’s gun tweet comes at a time where gun control resistance is at an all time high.

According to Polling Report a whopping 61 percent of American conservatives believe that gun control laws should either be kept the same or even become less strict amid all of the gun violence issues America is plagued with.

NPR notes that there was a total of 281 mass shootings last year, which claimed 462 lives altogether.

America is already perceived globally as being obsessed with guns and stubborn about giving any slack towards tighter gun restrictions — particularly right after mass shootings occur.

Therefore, Jeb — a prominent figure vying to be the leader of America — isn’t helping with the stigma by posting his gun which appears to be a glorifying gesture of a deadly fire arm.

Jeb, now trying to move past the incident, unfortunately cannot escape the internet’s wrath as the free-for-all continues.

Jeb is used to bullying, however, as he’s been Trump’s favorite punching since the start of the GOP debates. Deathand Taxes reports that Bush will face a make-or-break South Carolina primary as he was recently championed by his big brother at a South Carolina Rally recently.

Trump wasted no time aiming his constantly loaded gun full of verbal attacks at Jeb on asking his big brother for back up and previously his mother.

Trump has also criticized Jeb for being “weak” and a “crybaby.”

What do you think of Jeb’s gun tweet? Was it appropriate for a presidential candidate to put out, or not?

[Photo via Twitter/@JebBush]