Green Technology Company Uses Soil-Free Houseplants To Improve Air Quality Naturally

Green technology company GreenSpacers announced a national campaign to promote the use of safer, more effective houseplants that are grown using hydroculture techniques. The campaign dubbed the Kickstarter campaign, which is headed by GreenSpacers founder and CEO Noah Berk, is aimed at homeowners in an attempt to create awareness of the benefits of the hydroculture growing method.

Unlike plants traditionally grown in soil, green technology using hydroculture techniques eliminates soil-borne pathogens including mold, fungus, and most plant pests. Thus, growing houseplants using hydroponic green technology naturally improves the air quality in a home.

Unfortunately, the hydroculture growing method is largely uncommon in the United States.

As Berk states about his company’s green technology efforts:

“I’ve put all of my efforts towards building this dream – leaving a fantastic sales job at a great company, using my own savings for start-up costs, and working countless hours – because I believe in this vision wholeheartedly. Three years of hard work have culminated in launching this campaign.”

The green technology of hydroculture is a gardening method that involves rooting plants in water and a clay aggregate, which eliminates the need for soil. The benefits of this green technology include faster plant growth, easier maintenance, longer life span, better air purification, and the elimination mold and fungus found in soil-grown houseplants.

Additionally, studies conducted in the 1980s and 1990s indicated that plants grown using hydroculture green technology are more effective at removing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) due to the porous nature of the clay aggregate. Oxygen passes more easily to the roots of the plant where microbes “eat” the harmful chemicals.

As Berk comments on this green technology:

“The benefits far outweigh the effort it takes to launch the trend. Houseplants have the ability to purify the air –and very little has been done to inform the public of these natural air cleaners. I want to be the one who tells people they can easily grow their own fresh air with the hydroculture.”

Berk hopes to expand his green technology residential business into e-commerce, consumer retail as well as to establish production in Florida, which would allow him to convert plants with more ease because of the ideal tropical growing conditions.

Would you consider growing plants using hydroponic green technology in your home as well to improve your indoor air quality?