Better than drunk Scrabble: Battleship drinking game

You don’t even have to spell stuff!

Those of us who grew up in an era where even Commodore 64s and Ataris were somewhat rareish may remember board games. Monopoly was particularly good at keeping you out of your parents’ hair for a good 48-36 hours, your developing faith in humanity decreasing steadily by witnessing widespread corruption and embezzlement during bathroom trips and always having to be the effing thimble. (Confession: I actually kind of liked being the thimble.)

Battleship was more for one-on-one play, a guessing game that involved trying to work out your opponent’s ship positioning. The game sadly lacked tequila and Jack Daniels. Until now.

Via Gizmodo comes this gorgeous “bar game” version of the rainy day pasttime, Enigma. The game folds neatly up into a carry case that looks like what people used to use to transport LPs. Want!

[Image: Mauricio Harion]